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Sister, Sister


This is Romina & her cute family. She is one of my sweetest friends ever. She is so kind and nice and has eyes like Mila Kunis (I tell her all the time). In fact, the first time I ever met Romina was when she was working at a great restaurant in Utah called Village Baker and she took my order. I thought to myself, you’re gorgeous! Let me be your friend!

As fate would have it, she would end up working in healthcare with me and going to Utah Valley University as well so we got to be closer. The universe wanted us to be friends!

She just had her first child, an adorable little boy named Leo. Anyway, she’s getting back into the photography game and asked my sister and I if she could take some shots for her portfolio. My sister Annette and I always jump at the chance to get pics taken so of course, we said yes.

Here are some of our favorites! (Also, isn’t my sister so cute?)

If you want to scope her out and hire her (YOU SHOULD), check out her Instagram or her website! She’s fantastic.


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