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Weekend Highlights


One of my best friends got married this weekend and I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid. It was the prettiest wedding I’ve ever been to. I am not great at taking pictures so I don’t have a ton but the ones I have, I got from the maid of honor whose name is also Stephanie.

Thursday afternoon, for the start of the bachelorette party, we went pole dancing. I was extremely skeptical of this. I only felt uncomfortable when the instructor was trying to get us to be seductive. I’m that awkward person who can’t do that. But I will say that it is a lot harder than it looks. It’s also a great workout. I was pretty sore and bruised afterward. The bruises I think were mainly my fault because I had a hard time doing the spinning moves correctly. The picture below is not the most attractive looking picture so don’t judge too much. I wanted to somehow cover my face but I figured I could be brave and let you see the struggle. The instructor had everyone try this move of just hanging sideways on the bar. No one could do it on their own so she had to help hold everyone and eventually we had to let go with one hand and hang by the other hand and one leg. I have a nice bruise on the back of my leg from this one 🙂

After the class, we went out to dinner for the night at Brio. We didn’t last too long that night since we all had to be up early for a nail appointment.

Friday, we had our nails done and then had a rehearsal & rehearsal dinner. Her parents had everyone over to their house that night for drinks and s’mores so the people who came from out of town could visit.

Saturday morning came bright and early with appointments to get our hair done. We went to a new salon in Salt Lake City called Blo. They were super friendly and it was a cute little salon.

When everyone’s hair was done, we went to the Grand America Hotel and did our makeup and took pictures before going to the ceremony location.

We went up to Log Haven afterward for the ceremony and then came back down to the Grand for the dinner and reception. They had the best steak I’ve ever had! Unfortunately, this is where the pictures ended but I’m sure I’ll see more in a few days. It was definitely the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to.

Sunday was spent sleeping in and recovering but it was worth seeing how happy Alicia was to get married.

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