Summer Decor

Festive decorations are one of my favorite things to put out. I love being able to change up what your house looks like depending on the season or holiday coming up. I am trying really hard not to go crazy and buy everything I see. I’m trying to actually think about where the piece will go and if I will like it for years to come. It doesn’t always work out that way of course but it’s a work in progress.

Most of what I have for summer is red, white and blue/flag themed which I love and it works out well that in Utah we also celebrate the 24th of July. I’ve been on the hunt this year for more items to add that aren’t red, white and blue to add some variety. The only thing I’ve bought so far like that, is the dish towels below. I’m realizing though that fun dish towels are an super easy way to switch out depending on the time of year.


I found these at Home Goods. I think they were only $5 and it’s a quick way to make your kitchen feel more summery.

I love to go to Home Goods every few months and see what new stuff they have. I either see tons of things I want or not a whole lot. I just bought the lamp shown below there and it was only $30! I got this wooden American flag a few years ago but I can’t remember where I found it.


I was at Target a few weeks ago and found this CUTE garland. It’s on clearance right now for only $6.99! The stars are wooden but the edges are painted red, white and blue.


Anyone have any ideas of what to put over my mantle?? I haven’t been able to figure that one out. Lots of people suggest a mirror but there is already a mirror on the opposite wall so I’m not sure if another one would be weird.


Here is a close up of the stars so you can see the painted edge.

My other fun find was also at Target. You know the section right inside the doors where there’s the super cheap seasonal stuff? I call it the dollar section and and you can find some great stuff there sometimes. Well I found this cute star bucket for $3. I picked up some mini American flags and put them in the bucket. Easy peasy!


I put the flags on the lazy susan that is on my kitchen table. It’s a great centerpiece for everyone to see when they walk by.

A couple years ago I found these ceramic stars in the dollar section at Target. I have them out on the entertainment center in front of my TV. I need to get some fun candies or something to put in the stars.


Ignore my awkward reflection in the TV 

Let me know if you have some fun ideas for your summer decor. I’m always looking for new stuff!

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