Beach Waves

My hair has a little bit of a wave to it so I thought I would post how I style it into some beachy waves. When I posted about my Top 10 Beauty Products, I mentioned how this gel was one of my favorites. I will walk you through step by step how I style my hair with it. Please excuse my very awkward selfies!

My hair gets so tangled when I wash it and for years, I would comb it out in the shower with conditioner in it and the girl who does my hair finally convinced me to stop. When I style my hair wavy, I still brush it out in the shower because I don’t brush it when I get out. I use this Tangle Teezer and it brushes my hair out pretty easily with conditioner in it. I think a Wet Brush would work as well but I like to leave the Tangle Teezer in the shower and it’s all plastic so it doesn’t get gross.


A lot of people suggest not to put your hair up in a towel when you get out of the shower but I still do. I like to moisturize my face before I do my hair so this is easier. When I take my hair out of the towel, I don’t comb it or even part it. I let it do its own thing.


Then I tip my head over in the shower and take a squirt bottle of water and spray it all down to the point where it’s almost dripping. I’ll usually take my towel and kind of scrunch it and soak some water up.


At this point, I put the DevaCurl gel in my hair and I keep scrunching my hair up as I go. My hair dryer has a diffuser on it and I put my dryer on low and start drying my hair.


I don’t usually dry my hair all the way, especially in the summer. I will usually use the diffuser all over until my hair is just slightly damp and then I let the rest air dry. I usually like the way it looks when it’s completely dry.


The picture above is it mostly dry. The picture below is a few hours later when I snagged Michelle at work to take a picture of the back for me.


I don’t know what it is but I swear with this hair, day 2 is not greasy at all compared to when my hair is straightened. Michelle’s sister, Annette, has been trying out the DevaCurl shampoo and conditioner and she has been loving it. I love these products because they really help someone with even a little natural wave. I’ve even used it on vacations when I have no hair dryer with me and just put some product in my hair and let it air dry. Comment below if you’ve tried out any DevaCurl products!

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