Weekend Highlights

Hi everyone, it’s Steph here. This weekend, I went camping with my brother and sister and their families. We went up by Mirror Lake Highway that is up past Park City. I thought it was nice that about 20 minutes away, I lost service on my phone so I was forced to stay unplugged and be more present. I have a problem with that sometimes like I think a lot of people do.

Adam and I drove up on Friday night with my sister and hurried and set up our tent before it got dark. My brother was already up there and he has a trailer so everyone else slept in there. We aren’t huge campers but I try to have all of our gear organized into bins so we can pretty easily grab them and go minus whatever food and clothes we need. In one bin, we have the tent, air mattress, and some air pumps. Adam has this really cool tent that is made to be set up in his truck bed so you’re still sleeping off the ground and then there’s an air mattress made for the truck bed too so it’s a perfect fit. Anyways, in our other bin, it’s got our little camper stove, paper products, garbage bags, a lighter, etc.

Saturday morning, we woke up to my brother starting to cook breakfast for everyone. It warmed up pretty quickly so after breakfast, we walked down to the river. If I was warm up there, I can only imagine how hot it was down in Salt Lake.


The water was pretty chilly but I get crazy hot feet so it felt awesome to me. The little kids got in and even my brother laid down in the water. I thought he was nuts to do that! It was so pretty up there and the skies were completely clear most of the time. We could see tons of stars at night too which was awesome since Salt Lake has been kind of muggy with all the wildfires.



Adam and I both got new hiking boots last week for our trip to Bryce Canyon/Zion in a few months and he was breaking his in. His are so cool to me because he was just walking through the water in them and his feet didn’t get wet at all and yet they looked breathable! My favorite since my feet get so hot and I hate wearing shoes that require socks. So he was testing them out every time we went to the water.



Later, we hung out at the campsite and relaxed for a while. I took a nap in the shade until we decided to go for a drive and see Mirror Lake. I wasn’t great about taking pictures there, unfortunately. My sister-in-law took a picture of Adam and I and it would’ve been really cute except of course my eyes are closed. I swear I do that all the time! Drives me nuts.

We came back for an early dinner and then played Jokers and Marbles until we all decided to go to bed. I was bummed that we weren’t allowed to have a campfire. I really wanted to make tin foil dinners and sit around the fire. I had even found a great post about some fun tin foil dinner ideas! You can find that here.

We packed up early Sunday morning and headed home to clean up. Even though I had fun this weekend, I think Adam and I realized that we are one night campers. I really enjoy showering every day and Adam has a hard time relaxing and just hanging out for too long. He’s definitely a busybody and needs to be doing something where I am perfectly content to just hang out and read a book. I am reading a great one right now that my sister recommended called The President is Missing. Has anyone read that one? If so, what did you think?

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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