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I am a little weird and I love to organize things and that includes packing a suitcase. I love laying everything out and finding the best way to put everything in the bag. My sister told me about these packing cubes she wanted to try and with my trip coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to try them out. I was straight up nerding out while packing my bag with these. Best $22.95 I’ve ever spent.

When I start packing, I like to lay out all of my outfits so I can make sure everything matches and I won’t be missing pieces. Depending on the trip, I will bring extra clothes just in case something happens with the weather.

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At first, I wasn’t sure how these would save me more space because I felt like I was pretty good at packing before. I just thought it would be nice to have everything more organized. The set came with two large, two medium and one small cube. The large one is the perfect size for a carry-on suitcase and you would still have room for a couple smaller ones. For this trip, my husband and I are checking a bag. I assumed we would need our biggest rolling suitcase for both of us since normally we would each fill a carry on. I was wrong. I started putting everything into the cubes and saw how much space it was saving and moved down to our medium-sized suitcase.

I fit all of my clothes into the large packing cube. I rolled all of my clothes and was able to fit four outfits and two sets of gym clothes in there. I still had some room to spare too! Another trick I will use to save space is if I’m bringing some sort of sneaker, I’ll stuff my socks and underwear into the shoes. I put my running shoes into the smallest cube because then they won’t get my clothes dirty. I wear about a size 7 and I don’t know that a bigger shoe would’ve fit.

My husband laid his clothes all out for me because he knows I get a little bit crazy about packing and it’s better to just let me do it. Because this is a work trip for him, he had more clothes than me. Sure enough, I fit all of his clothes minus a sweatshirt into the other large packing cube. He had one pair of pants, two pairs of shorts, nine shirts, five pairs of boxers and five pairs of socks in his. I just rolled everything up and it all fit in!

I used the two medium-sized cubes to put all of our toiletries in. I didn’t feel like I was having to skimp and leave certain things home. Most of my stuff will still be in smaller bottles though. One trick I have if you’re only using a carry-on and you only have that dreaded quart-sized Ziploc, get the little tiny plastic containers you get when you get a sample of something at Sephora. Let me know if you’re not sure what I’m talking about and I will post a picture.

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That is all of our stuff in that medium-sized suitcase. I didn’t even have anything in the top part of the suitcase. I was amazed. I like that our stuff is all separated out too and it will be so easy to unpack. You could pack one day of a whole family’s outfits into one cube and then just grab a cube each day. Then you won’t get a mess of clothes everywhere.

I also like to always add in a couple extra Ziploc’s of varying sizes just in case something leaks. I add in a garbage bag too if I want to put dirty clothes in there to separate them from clean ones on the way home. You could also put dirty clothes in a cube and then clothes that you end up not wearing in another tote to still separate them.

These cubes may be one of my new favorite organizational tricks. It sounds so simple to do it but it made a much bigger difference than I thought it would. Let me know if you try them out or if you come up with any other ideas to use them! Here is the link again for the cubes, they come in fun colors too!

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