St. Paul, Minnesota

Sorry, I have been a little MIA this last week. I started getting a cold on Monday and it really took me down. I finally started feeling better yesterday though. I’m back to being able to blog so I thought I better start with my trip a couple weeks ago to Minnesota. Adam has been going every year for a work conference and I’ve been lucky enough to tag along the last two years.

We stay in downtown St. Paul and this time, we went to a new hotel. It was a Hyatt but the building used to be St. Paul’s post office and they tried to keep a lot of the history in the building. Some of the original doors are still in place or they’re hung on the wall as a decoration. Half of the building is the hotel and the other half is apartments. I wish I could see one of the apartments because each floor had the tallest walls with such nice rooms.

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Look at how tall those walls are! This room was so nice and airy. The hotel had the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had too. It was relatively healthy and fresh food.

I would hang out at the hotel while Adam went to the conference and then at night, we would go out with the other couple who came. St. Paul has green bikes where you can pay for a pass and ride these bikes all over the town. They have tons of stations around so it makes getting to places really easy without having to call Uber or a cab.


We would go on bike rides along the Mississippi River.

One night, we rode the bikes to a restaurant called Red Cow. We had heard they had a really good burger and it did not disappoint. I got the french onion burger and it was sooo good. I had a hard time even picking a burger because they all sounded so good. After that, we went to see the Cathedral of St. Paul but it was closed for the night. We ended up going back later so that we could go inside. It was so beautiful and the detail work was amazing.

One of my favorite restaurants in St. Paul was Cossetta. Adam and I couldn’t wait to go back there and we went twice while we were there this year. It’s Italian food and it’s been around for years. It’s set up almost lunchroom style so you go in and grab a tray and then go to the station and get the food you want. I love pasta so I got that both times I went. They also have a little grocery store and a bakery there. I wish I could’ve tried everything.

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One night, Adam and his friend found a Groupon for a boat ride on the Mississippi so we hurried and bought it. It was a little rainy but that didn’t stop us from enjoying it!

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The last night we were there, we took an Uber to the 5-8 club to try the famous Juicy Lucy burger. It’s been featured on Man vs. Food before as a competition with another restaurant called Matt’s Bar who also has the Juicy Lucy. It’s a burger with cheese in the middle of the patty and it was so good. The only thing I wish I had was some fry sauce to go on the burger but they don’t usually have that outside of Utah. You get a weird look when you ask for fry sauce.

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After that, we took an Uber over to the Mall of America. I went there last year by myself but Adam and the other couple with us wanted to see it. It is huge and definitely a place you can get lost in but they have great directories with directions. They even have have a little amusement park in the middle of it.

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Overall, the trip was really fun. I love being able to see new places and especially trying new restaurants. If you’re ever in the area, see if you’re able to try the Juicy Lucy, Cossetta’s, or the Red Cow! We’ll see what new places I can find next year if I’m able to go again.

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