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A few weeks ago, my sister Jen and sister-in-law Jessica got to try out some meal prepping with Citrus Pear. We weren’t sure quite what to expect but it was pretty awesome.


Citrus Pear has meal preparation nights all over Utah and I believe some in Idaho too. When we got to the grocery store, they had meal prep stations all set up and all we had to do was bring in a cooler.

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On their website, you have the option of how many meals you want to make. It even prices out how much money it will cost for each serving and it’s a pretty great price! You can choose to do a smaller family meal prep for 3-4 people or regular family size for 6-8 people. We each chose to do 20 smaller family meals that had 10 different meals.

It’s really nice because they change their menu every month and each meal is created by registered dietitians so they’re pretty healthy. They provide all the nutrition facts and will even make dietary accommodations if needed. I should probably mention how you cook all of these meals! They are all made to be cooked in either a crock pot or instapot and they provide the instructions for them and even will tell you additional spices you can add or what you could eat with it.

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It only took about 2 hours to prepare all 20 meals. One of the best things was that we didn’t have to touch any meat! I don’t know about you but I don’t love touching raw meat. They had even chopped all of the onions for us. We basically just had to dump all the ingredients in the Ziploc bag. There were a few things we had to chop like carrots or potatoes but nothing bad at all.

Also, look how cool that Ziploc bag holder is! I found it here on Amazon. It made everything so easy to just throw in.

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We all agreed that if we liked the meals we would definitely be back. Luckily, we’ve liked the meals we’ve tried! So far, I’ve only tried the “Breakfast for Dinner” and it was delicious. It was basically breakfast burritos so we threw it in the crock pot frozen and then just grabbed some tortillas. My sisters have enjoyed the meals they’ve tried too.

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I thought the whole thing was an awesome idea. I loved not having to do the grocery shopping for it and just being able to show up with my cooler. It was all so easy. Check out Citrus Pear on Instagram or on their website to see where a class is near you!

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