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I’m a total font snob. You can ask anyone! I’ve been downloading and playing around with fonts since I was little. I always scour the internet looking for new and cute fonts to use. I thought I’d share my favorites right now that are so fun to use!

love cursive fonts and the whole modern calligraphy thing so I have a vast collection of these. However, I have 10 that I use quite a bit (& that you can get totally free, RIGHT NOW.)

font header

Frame designed by BiZkettE1 / Freepik

Fonts 1

Amelia Bedelia / Amelia
Bollivia Rosillia
Bromello Yello / Bromello
Claudia Schiffer / Claudia
Kimberly Lou / Kimberly
Siesta Please / Siesta
Valhalla / Valairya
Violet Beauregard / Violette

You can get all of these by clicking on the name above.

Dafont is one of the best places to find new fonts! Creators upload fonts on the daily. Go ahead and treat your creative side, it deserves it!

What fonts are you using right now?



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