Outfit of the Day

I haven’t written an outfit of the day post in a bit so I thought I’d share with you what I’m wearing today! I’m a little exhausted from running around lately so for work today, I wanted something cute and comfortable.


My denim jacket is from American Eagle. It’s such a comfy jacket. I wear it on flights, to work and whenever I want to dress up a tee. Unfortunately, they don’t have my exact jacket in stock anymore 🙁

My white t-shirt is from American Eagle as well. If you haven’t tried their Soft & Sexy v-neck t-shirts, you’re missing out! You can get the white one by clicking here (it’s on sale right now!)

I got these gorgeous polka-dotted dress pants from my Stitch Fix box. They’re made by Tinsel and they’re the comfiest pants! I get lots of compliments on them when I wear them. Try Stitch Fix and get your first fix free when you click here!

Last but not least, my shoes. One of my favorite things from my childhood were the black platform shoes. They’re iconic. Steve Madden brought them back and the second I heard it, I had to have them. My co-workers call them my Lizzie McGuire shoes. It’s about a 50/50 on people who like them and people who hate them but I don’t need the haters! You can get your very own pair from Steve Madden here. I promise you’ll love them.

What are you wearing today?


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