Lake Powell

Hello! Sorry we’ve been a little MIA lately. Life got a little crazy and then I was at Lake Powell last week.

Lake Powell is probably my favorite place in the whole world to go and vacation. I grew up going quite often and then I went a few times in college with friends. It had been a while since I had been and last Christmas my parents surprised us all with a trip to Lake Powell! This lake is huge and the water gets pretty warm in the summer. With the water levels changing I feel like it looks different every time I go.

This trip definitely got off to a rocky start the first day but after that, it was pretty relaxing. We were just a little limited in what we could do. When we got there the water was a lot lower than it had been and as we were on the ski boat looking for a place to park the houseboat we hit a rock that you couldn’t see in the water going full speed. It jerked everyone pretty good and knocked the wind out of our friend Craig who graciously came with his wife and let us stay on his houseboat and use his ski boat. Craig was pretty sore the next few days and unfortunately, the boat started taking on water in the engine and when we pulled the boat out of the water you could see there was a hole in the bottom.

Luckily, my dad was able to rent another boat. It was just a lot smaller and more limited in what we could do. So we found a place to park the houseboat and tied it up for the night. There was also some steering and electrical issues that came up on the houseboat so the boys spent a lot of their day working on those. That night we did get some paddleboarding in. I was really excited to try this.

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I could barely stand up on the board at this point but by the end of the trip I could stand and paddle for a bit.

You can see the clouds rolling in and that was the start of the long night. A lot of us were planning on sleeping on top of the houseboat because you can watch the stars and it cools down very nicely at night. It started getting quite windy and then started pouring rain. We tried to move under the roof overhang but with the wind, the rain still hit us pretty hard. Most people moved downstairs but Adam and I just hid under our sleeping bags. It got so windy eventually the houseboat broke free. Craig very carefully drove the houseboat to a random person’s houseboat buoy for the night.

The rest of the trip was spent swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, going down the waterslide and playing games. The rental boat wasn’t great for tons of skiing or surfing so there wasn’t a lot of that but there were plenty of other things to do.

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Adam tried his hand at fishing and the last night he said he was going to fish all night if he had to and luckily he caught a fish pretty quick!

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Overall, I still had fun on the trip and Lake Powell is still one of my favorite places. I highly recommend you go if you ever have the chance. We had a lot of fun with family and the little kids. It’s also so pretty there and the rock formations are amazing. I wish I had more pictures of that.

Xoxo, Steph

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