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I am in Zion National Park right now and I will post about it when I get back but since I was packing up, I thought I would tell everyone what my travel necessities are. I’m going to focus what would be in my carry-on if I was flying or what my bag would have on a road trip since they have a lot of the same things.

The first thing you need is a good sized tote. The one I’ve been using the last few times was actually a gift from my friend Alicia when I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. It’s great because she specifically gave it to us to use when we travel and it holds so much! It looks really shiny in the picture but it’s nylon so I think it’s the way the lights hitting it.

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  • I always freeze in the car or on planes so a comfy sweatshirt is a must. Mindy Mae’s Doublehood Sweatshirts have been my go-to hoodies lately. I want every single one so check them out. They can also double as a pillow if you need that.
  • A good chapstick or lip balm for when your lips get dry with the climate changes. You know I’ve been loving my Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry. Then I feel slightly put together when I’m likely dressed in sweats.
  • A water bottle or empty water bottle if you’re flying!
  • I’m an avid reader so I will always have a book ready on my Kindle Paperwhite or a normal book to read when I get bored. The Kindle is my preference because it takes up very little space and the battery lasts FOREVER.
  • Ziploc bags because you never know what is going to happen and you’re going to need them. I like to have a couple of sizes on me too.
  • Whether you’re flying or driving, it’s important to have headphones just in case you want to listen to music, podcast or to watch a movie. One thing I didn’t think about the last time I was flying was that Adam uses wireless Bluetooth headphones and he couldn’t use them to plug in and watch a movie on the plane. Luckily, I had my pair so he was able to use mine but it’s something I never would have thought about.
  • You never know when you’re going to need a breath refresher or to try and pop your ears so always buy a pack of gum.
  • I hate washing my hands and then having my hands feel dry so I always keep some lotion in my bag and especially if I’m traveling. I like to make sure it’s something I would feel comfortable putting on my face because sometimes with travel, it seems to dry up.
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This just made me laugh. I definitely do this if I’m going to a new place. It’s so hard not to!

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