Pumpkin Gingersnap Cake

My mom’s birthday is this week and there were a couple of my siblings’ birthdays last week so, on Sunday, we celebrated those birthdays and I offered to make a cake. It was a good excuse for me to try another Cake by Courtney cake.

I picked out this pumpkin gingersnap cake recipe to try because it sounded fun and festive. Please don’t judge me too hard on this cake. I struggled as you can tell. It did taste very good so I will take that over it looking bad and tasting bad.

I’m not quite sure what happened to my frosting because it was kind of thick and hard to work with. I didn’t seem to have enough of it either and usually, I have extras with Courtney’s recipes so I’m sure it’s something I did wrong. As you can tell, the cake went kind of lopsided and turned more rounded at the top.

The cake had a cinnamon chip ganache which I had never done before. It wasn’t hard to make and the recipe says to let it cool and I thought I did. Well, it REALLY needed to cool. It seemed to just keep running down. It even ran down in my fridge when I put the cake in there. But now I know for the next time when I use a ganache.

It may not be the prettiest cake but it tasted good and my family enjoyed it! I could eat the cream cheese buttercream frosting all day. Maybe that’s why I seemed short on it. Whoops!

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