Steph’s Favorite Places to Shop

I thought I would share my favorite places to shop for clothes lately. I’ve been trying to be good about saving money because I want a new car soon so I have to limit myself somewhat so that means not shopping too much. Sometimes I can’t resist though!

Michelle and I work for a more conservative company and their dress code is “business professional.” My go-to store for work clothes, as you probably guessed already, is Loft. I love their cute tops and pencil skirts. They’re currently having a 40% off sale for friends and family! As I’m writing this, I’m trying to tell myself not to look through the site. The thing to remember with Loft if you’re looking at some of their prices is that they have sales so often that I very rarely will buy anything full price there. Wait for the sale. You can also find some great stuff at their outlet.

I also really love to shop at Nordstrom. Years ago, before I started shopping there, I always thought they were too expensive. Sometimes I would find things at Nordstrom Rack but I didn’t seek them out. After I started reading some blogs, I realized they have some great sales too and you don’t always have to spend tons of money. They always have free shipping and returns too. Their customer service is so great that I will keep shopping there just for that.

A couple years ago, I had ordered a dress and a skincare product from Nordstrom’s website and when it was supposed to be delivered and I hadn’t seen the package yet, I noticed on the order that it had gone to my old house by mistake. I called Nordstrom with low hopes of anything being done because it was obviously my mistake and they were so nice and just shipped me out new products to my current address. They acted like it was no big deal but to me it was huge! Nordstrom is well known for having some of the best customer service.

If I’m looking for more casual clothing to wear when I’m not at work, I love Mindy Mae’s Market. I know I’ve posted about them before but their clothes are so cute! Everyone needs one of their double hood sweatshirts. I wish they had sales more often. They also won me over with their customer service. I had bought a vest from them on a sale and a few days after I ordered, I got an email saying that the vest had been restocked with a slightly different vest. They sent me a picture of the new one just wanting to make sure I still wanted it and to make me aware it would be a little different than what I thought. Unfortunately, I decided not to keep the vest because it wasn’t the color I wanted but I really appreciated them reaching out like that.

Photo courtesy of Mindy Mae’s Market

I’m currently drooling over this top since I saw it on IG. I love stuff that looks like you’ve put more effort into it than you really have like with these layers. I’m also a sucker for stripes. Give me all the striped tops!

Those are probably my top places right now. I will branch out every once in a while but I really like to stick with companies and brands I know I won’t be disappointed with. Sorry that was really wordy with only one picture but check out their websites and see what you can find!

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