Jewelry Organization

Yesterday morning, I was getting ready and I was looking in my closet thinking about what else I could do in there for more space and noticed that the shelf above my clothes didn’t wrap all the way around so there was all this wasted space. I asked Adam if he could extend the shelf and he said, “Yeah, that’s easy.”

Then I kept thinking and got on Pinterest looking at jewelry organizers. I could tell from a bad patch job that the old owner of the house had some kind of jewelry holder on the wall in the closet. I found a picture I liked and asked Adam if he could build me something like that and again he said, “Yeah, that’s easy. Let’s go to the store.”

Adam really is the best. We went to breakfast and then to Home Depot to pick up supplies and he got right to work. I didn’t expect it all to be done but by the end of the night, he had it finished and I love it!

Here is the finished product!

Once the stain finishes setting in I’ll be able to put my perfume and watches on the shelves. It got everything off the dresser and made it less cluttered in the bedroom. It’s also going to be nicer because when Adam is off work, he gets to sleep in so this is less I have to be in the bedroom making noise.

The lower shelf has the rod for my earrings and hooks for necklaces.

I picked out the bracelet holders just in the cabinet hardware section at Home Depot.

There’s plenty of room for me to buy more jewelry too which I love and I can easily see everything. I liked the look of the brushed nickel and stained wood. Adam used the same stain that he’s used on all of the furniture he’s built. It’s brown with a hint of gray. The whole project probably cost about $30-$35 total and I loved that it’s exactly what I wanted!

Xoxo, Steph

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