Hello! This blog has been up for a few months now and I thought I would do another little introduction and tell everyone a little about me.

I am 27 and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am the youngest of five kids. I graduated from Utah State University with my bachelors in Family, Consumer, and Human Development. My plan was to go on and get my masters degree in Social Work and become a therapist. I ended up working at a treatment center for girls with eating disorders and I loved it. I could talk on and on about that place if you let me lol. It’s still my favorite job to this day but it helped me realize that being a therapist was not for me.

For the last 4 years, I’ve worked for a health insurance company as a supervisor over a team that mainly helps our members find doctors on their plan. I’ve learned a ton at this job and hope to stay with the company for a long time.

Adam and I met in 2012 at Utah State where he went to school and then worked at the fire department in Logan. He ended up getting hired full time with another department and moved back home to Bountiful that year. I stayed in Logan finishing school until 2013. We got engaged in February 2017 and married that year in September. He still works for the same fire department in Bountiful and loves it.

I like to spend my time taking naps, watching Netflix, organizing things and cooking. I tried my hand a little at gardening this summer but it wasn’t great. I’ve got plans to try that again next year and we’ll see how it goes.

That’s a little about me but if you are wondering anything else I am an open book so ask away!

Xoxo, Steph

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