Thank You Cards

I’m thankful for so many things this year and I like showing my gratitude, especially if it’s to someone that may not know it. I think November is a great month to start getting into the habit of regularly showing people you’re thankful for them because it shouldn’t just be for one month only. One of my favorite ways to thank others is by giving them handwritten cards.

I LOVE THANK YOU CARDS. I love getting them and I love giving them. It shows that someone really thought about you and took the time to pick out a card and write you a note. I have probably 6 or 7 packs of different thank you cards at my desk at work that I like to write out every once in a while. Sometimes it takes everything in me not to write a thank you card to someone that wrote me one. (It’s a little excessive,Β supposedly.) I can’t tell you how happy and moved I am when I get back to my desk after a long or rough day and I find a card on my keyboard. It’s the best.

Rifle Paper Co. is a great place to get not only thank you cards but cards for weddings, birthdays, and holidays as well! I’ve ranted and raved about them before but they truly have some of the best cards. Look at all their greeting cards here.

Meadow Birthday Girl Available as a Single Folded Card or Boxed Set of 8

Mermaid Thank You Available as a Single Folded Card or Boxed Set of 8

Beautiful Bride Available as a Single Folded Card or Boxed Set of 8

Aren’t they gorgeous? I drool over Anna Bond’s designs.

Another great place to get cute cards is Minted. If you haven’t heard of Minted, you’re in for a treat. They will do everything and I mean, EVERYTHING. You can personalize cards or order ones that are already made. You can make photo gifts and calendars. You can send out digital cards, etc. It’s amazing. But if you want a place to start, check out their thank you cards here.

"Handlettered Thanks" - Foil-pressed Stationery in Coal by Olivia Goree.

You can personalize your name at the bottom!

"Flannel Thanks" - Whimsical & Funny Children's Stationery in Lumberjack Red by Allison Metcalfe.

"Indigo Print" - Bohemian Foil-pressed Thank You Cards in Navy by Pistols.

If you don’t want to order them online, places like Target and Papyrus sell Minted cards as well πŸ™‚

Speaking of Target and Papyrus, they sell a ton of thank you cards and cards in general. I’ve always been obsessed with stationary and paper goods. I don’t know why but pressed paper is my kryptonite.

You should also try these paper goods companies if you’re just as obsessed as I am πŸ™‚

Paper Source
Tabula Rasa
(they have a great selection of cards and stationary)
Sugar Paper

How do you like showing your gratitude?


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