Girl, Wash Your Face

Has anyone read Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis?? I finished last weekend and it was so good! I have a hard time getting into self-help/motivational books sometimes and this was one that I really got into.


My sister bought this book and let me borrow it and now I feel like I need my own copy so I can read it again! There were a few parts that really stuck out to me that I want to work on.

She talked about meeting goals and how she likes to make a visual reminder and she hangs it up in her closet so that she can see her goal at least once a day. I have a goal right now to buy a new car and so I’m just working to save enough money. I’m a visual person so I already had this in the back of my planner.

I edited out the numbers on the side so that’s why it looks a little goofy.

I think I’m going to tear the page out and put in in my closet so that I can see it more often and hopefully stop myself from shopping. The holidays are hard for me with all the sales. I lose control! We’ll see if this helps me. For me, the visual does help and especially when I can color in another mark to see how close I’m getting.

There was tons of other great stuff in the book that stuck with me to work on so I’ll tell you about a couple.

There’s a part where she says, “Someone else’s opinion of me is none of my business.” She goes more in depth than this but it’s something I definitely have a hard time with. In other chapters, she talks about hesitating to admit your dreams because you’re nervous about what other people will think. Or making yourself feel small because of it.

There’s definitely a part of me that has felt that way with this blog. I had always thought about doing this in the back of my mind but was always too nervous to try it until Michelle pushed me into doing it with her. It was a good thing Michelle pushed me because it got me outside of my comfort zone.

I won’t get better about this stuff overnight but at least it’s something I’m more aware of and can work on.

Rachel is coming out with a new book in March called, Girl, Stop Apologizing. You can preorder it now on Amazon. I can’t wait for it to come out!

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Let me know if you’ve read Girl, Wash Your Face yet and what you thought!

Xoxo, Steph

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