Bathroom Remodel 2018

Adam and I decided to start the remodel on one of our bathrooms when someone from work had a free quartz countertop up for grabs. We were planning on doing it at some point anyways but this pushed us to do it. This bathroom isn’t our main bathroom, it’s mostly for guests and it will be a kids’ bathroom eventually when we have kids.

Here are some before pictures below. We actually painted this bathroom a year ago when we moved in. It was like a pinkish off-white color. We also replaced the toilet. This house had very oddly small toilets.

Adam had everything torn out in a day by the time I came home from work.

Here are the beautiful after shots. I’m so happy with how everything turned out. This was Adam’s first time tiling a shower and he did a great job. The small subway tiles weren’t his favorite but I really wanted subway tile.

Everything got replaced besides the bathtub and the toilet we had already done. The floors are from Home Depot and the subway tile was from Lowe’s.

We ended up not using the countertop we got because it was going to be too hard to cut down to size so the vanity is from Lowe’s. We found the mirror at Home Goods. It took us 3 mirrors to find one that would fit that spot. There was a hole from another electrical fixture that had to be covered.

The wall color is called Elephant Gray by Valspar. I wanted a darker gray and originally I had picked out a much darker color that Adam thought was black so I found a lighter color. This has a hint of blue to it which I like.

I’m very happy it’s done and we got our house all cleaned up from the dust and tools! Adam was great and worked really hard on all of this even when he got frustrated. Now we’ll take a break until the next project when it’s hopefully warmer outside.

What do you think?

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