Last year, some of my girlfriends and I decided to start an annual girls’ trip to Disneyland and we had a great time. We got to go during the Christmas season and it was magical. This year, we tried to go in October but mine and my sister’s work schedule didn’t allow for that so we went back during Christmas again. 

We had a lot of fun eating our way through both parks. The churros! The popcorn! The cheese popcorn! The beignets! The corndogs! The corn on the cobs! The fries! I mean, thank goodness you have to walk everywhere because otherwise, they would have had to roll us out of the park. 

My sister and I using the cute Snapchat filters at Disney’s California Adventure

This year was cool because I finally got to ride Toy Story’s Midway Mania. I literally have never done it because whenever I go, the Fast Passes are all gone and the wait is 14050294 hours. It was a lot of fun, except for losing to my sister.

They were also selling the super cute long-sleeved shirts with ‘Disneyland’ written across the back. I think these ones were the cutest I’ve seen so far so I had to buy one in my favorite color (or non-color, if you’re one of those), black.

We spent the first day at California Adventure and it was sunny and gorgeous. The second day, we spent it at Disneyland and it was cloudy and a little chilly so I’m glad I brought my jacket because I didn’t take it off once. You’d think I wouldn’t be a baby about the cold since we live in Utah but nope, still always freezing.

Cute picture on the boardwalk at Pixar Pier in California Adventure. I loved Coco so much!!

We all agreed that California Adventure is the perfect place to start because it really doesn’t have as many things as Disneyland does so you can get to all the things you want to and still have time to do other things at night. Your feet aren’t also ready to shrivel up and fall off when you do California Adventure first. Another great thing we did is get the Max Passes instead of just regular Fast Pass. This means you don’t even have to walk to the Fast Pass Distribution for your favorite ride, you can just get it on the app. AND any pictures from rides are free to download with the purchase of a Max Pass. Bingo bango.

We also left both days to go back to the hotel and take naps. This was amazing because we always felt super rejuvenated afterwards! I am not a fan of staying at the park all day long because I get super tired so this was awesome. I’d say we took naps because my friend Amanda is 6 months pregnant and she needed to rest but I’d be lying because she was killing it. I hope I’m as gung-ho to walk around Disneyland when I’m 6 months pregnant without complaining. I’m pretty sure I was the weakest link on the entire trip.

Left to right: Amanda, Jocelyn, Annette, and I

While at Disneyland, we thought it would be nice to ride Peter Pan’s Flight because Annette and I hadn’t ridden it since we first came to Disneyland when I was in kindergarten and Amanda and Jocelyn had never ridden it. However, that day was a nightmare because it was so incredibly packed with people! We found out that it was a day that wasn’t blacked out for annual pass holders so it felt like the entire state of California was there. This made the wait times for Peter Pan’s flight a consistent 80+ minutes.

We decided to be sneaky and wait until the fireworks ended at night to hurry and get in line for the ride once they opened the area again. Apparently, everyone had that idea because it felt like Black Friday shopping. I’m pretty sure parents have killed to get their children on that ride and will continue to do so. It was a mad rush to get back in line for that ride but alas, we got in line because we knew it would still be the shortest wait we’d ever get for it. 30 long minutes later, it’s finally our turn and in THE BLINK OF AN EYE, we’re being let off the ride because it’s over. 

Yes, Disneyland is cute and all but the things people are willing to wait for is insane. We all agreed that was not worth the wait and we laughed at the parents who waited 2 hours to get their kiddos on that ride. Anyway, it was a lot of fun but I think I need a vacation from that vacation. 


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