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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michelle


Hi, S+S family! Yesterday was my 26th time around the sun and I was GOING to share 26 things about me but then my sister told me she wouldn’t read it and I also couldn’t think of 26 things about me so I’m sharing 10 instead. Lucky day!

  1. I was born in Venezuela. I haven’t been back since (especially due to all the political unrest) and sadly, don’t remember any of it. The majority of my mom’s side of the family is there and she is one of 8 so there are lots and lots of family members I have yet to meet! Maybe one day.
  2. I love music and playing musical instruments. Music has always been so soothing and mood-enhancing for me. When I was little, my sister and I took piano lessons but would never practice (shame on us) so my parents eventually stopped taking us. As I got older, I took on the guitar since I was mesmerized by my dad playing. I love playing the guitar but definitely need to play more often! I recently started wanting to learn to play the ukulele so that might be a project for this year.
  3. I’m obsessed with true crime, ghost stories, and murder mysteries. Most of you know this by now but in case you just joined us, now you know! I’ve loved it since I was little. I’m intrigued by the psychological part of what drives people to do things so to me, it’s insanely interesting. Right now, I am in love with the My Favorite Murder podcast, specifically their minisodes because I love all the cool stories people send in (and the women hosting it are freaking hilarious and I want to be their best friend). I’m also obsessed with the Cold podcast about Susan Powell! If you want some ideas on what to watch or listen to, check out my post from earlier last year on true crime!
  4. I love sports but specifically basketball. I’m a big Utah Jazz fan and love going to games and watching them on TV. Steph gets some pretty amazing hookups to the games and she’s kind enough to take me sometimes so thanks to her, I’ve had some pretty legit experiences. Cody & I love watching the games or going so I get all the basketball I need. I also love the University of Utah football team and will forever be a Utes fan. (Boo BYU)
  5. Chinese food is my most favorite food in the world. It’s something I could eat every single day if my body could take all the MSG. In fact, I’m craving it as I write this. I like Panda Express too but I don’t really consider that Chinese food. I mention this because a few years ago, I went on a date with this kid who asked me what I wanted to eat. I, of course, said Chinese (as I would do on every date, including my first date with Cody) and instead of taking me to any one of the Chinese restaurants available, took me to Panda Express.
  6. I hate not having my nails painted. If you ever see me without my nails painted, there is a 99% chance there’s a bottle of nail polish in my purse ready to go.
  7. I cannot (and will not) live without french fries. I can give up anything else you ask me to; chips, candy, chocolate, ice cream, etc. But I can never say goodbye to fries.
  8. My favorite shoe designer is Steve Madden. I usually never have a lot of brand repeats when it comes to shoes because I’ll buy whatever is cute but I have the most from Steve Madden.
  9. When I was younger, I hated gold with a passion. I thought that I would look too much like a typical latina if I wore gold (WTF Michelle!). Now, I’m obsessed. I will not wear jewelry that isn’t gold. AND just in case you were wondering, I love being latina so no worries, people. I grew up!
  10. I don’t like watching the news. One of the things that I tried to do once I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder was avoiding watching things that stressed me out. I follow local news outlets on Facebook and Twitter instead so that I don’t have to read things I don’t want to read. I still keep up on what’s going on in the world but it definitely limits my exposure and it’s great, people.

I’m still celebrating my birthday this weekend so I’ll share some highlights on Monday!

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