Bathroom Remodel 2018

Adam and I decided to start the remodel on one of our bathrooms when someone from work had a free quartz countertop up for grabs. We were planning on doing it at some point anyways but this pushed us to do it. This bathroom isn’t our main bathroom, it’s mostly for guests and it will be a kids’ bathroom eventually when we have kids.

Here are some before pictures below. We actually painted this bathroom a year ago when we moved in. It was like a pinkish off-white color. We also replaced the toilet. This house had very oddly small toilets.

Adam had everything torn out in a day by the time I came home from work.

Here are the beautiful after shots. I’m so happy with how everything turned out. This was Adam’s first time tiling a shower and he did a great job. The small subway tiles weren’t his favorite but I really wanted subway tile.

Everything got replaced besides the bathtub and the toilet we had already done. The floors are from Home Depot and the subway tile was from Lowe’s.

We ended up not using the countertop we got because it was going to be too hard to cut down to size so the vanity is from Lowe’s. We found the mirror at Home Goods. It took us 3 mirrors to find one that would fit that spot. There was a hole from another electrical fixture that had to be covered.

The wall color is called Elephant Gray by Valspar. I wanted a darker gray and originally I had picked out a much darker color that Adam thought was black so I found a lighter color. This has a hint of blue to it which I like.

I’m very happy it’s done and we got our house all cleaned up from the dust and tools! Adam was great and worked really hard on all of this even when he got frustrated. Now we’ll take a break until the next project when it’s hopefully warmer outside.

What do you think?

Wrapping Paper

I had been meaning to post about my wrapping paper storage a long time ago and forgot about it and I’m finally remembering and thinking it’s a great time with the holidays right around the corner. I love some good organization and when I saw this storage system being talked about on one of my favorite blogs, Momfessionals, I had to get it for myself.

This closet is just my hallway storage closet and after my birthday last year, I saw that the organization system was on sale so I splurged. It’s a little bit pricey but I feel it’s worth every penny with how much you can customize it to what you need.

This system is from the Elfa Collection at the Container Store. It’s nice because you can really customize it to whatever you’re wanting to store. I’ve seen the wrapping paper, cleaning supplies, food pantry storage, etc. I wish I had more closets to use this in.

I chose to do the gift wrap basket at the bottom. You can even pick what color you want it to be and if you want a wire basket or mesh.

At the top, I did two baskets to hold my ribbon, bows, small boxes, and tissue paper.

I added a little pegboard and some hooks to hold all my bags and then I hung my scissors and tape for easy access so I’m always ready to wrap something right then.

This whole system was so easy to install and I did it myself with no tools. It’s just a bar that hangs on at the top of my door and the bottom. The door still easily shut and was very secure so it wasn’t banging around when you open or shut the door. Again, definitely worth the splurge. I wish I had a food pantry door in my kitchen to do this.

I thought I would also tell everyone where I love to buy my paper from. I could call myself a little bit of a wrapping paper snob and can be picky. Costco has great paper that is thick so it doesn’t tear easily. Plus, it comes in a large roll so it doesn’t run out quickly. Sometimes I don’t love that because I like to keep buying new paper. 😉 I’ve also only ever seen wrapping paper at Costco for the holidays.

My favorite paper that you can see below is from Home Goods. This is some great quality paper. It’s thick and has a little texture so it doesn’t tear as you’re trying to wrap a present. They have the cutest designs in my opinion as well. The rolls are usually about $2.99 each and you will easily spend that on a roll at Target and it probably won’t be as good of quality.

I about died over the Popsicle paper for a fun gift in the summer. Recently, I bought the rose gold dots and the black and gold dots. Those are calling Michelle’s name for her birthday present paper. It’s probably a good thing that basket on my door only hold so much because I have a hard time not buying a roll or two every time I’m at Home Goods because they always have new ones.

Has anyone else tried anything from the Elfa collection? I’m always looking for new ideas on how to organize! Here’s the link again where you can go build your own setup and see all the different options. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post!

Christmas Decor 2018

Last night, I was finally able to finish getting my Christmas decorations up. Normally, I like to have it done the day after Thanksgiving. It mostly was this year but I decided I really wanted a second Christmas tree and the way we’ve got our furniture in our family room made it so the tree we had didn’t fit great. I put the bigger tree in our formal living room but I still really wanted one in the family room. I talked to Adam and I hurried and ordered another tree online. I got in a little trouble because he knew I had been wanting a second tree and was going to take me to pick one out as part of my Christmas gift but I went and bought one first.

The tree came a couple days ago and tonight I had the time to get it up and finish the decorations.

This is our bigger tree that is now in our formal living room. I like that you can see it lit up from the street. This room felt so warm and cozy this year. Last year I didn’t put much in it.

I bought our stockings last year from Pottery Barn Kids. Adam’s one requirement for his stocking was that it should have a fire truck and luckily I was able to find one! They still have our stockings in other designs. Find all of their stockings here. They’re on sale right now too!

I picked up the garland at Home Goods this year and added some LED lights from Costco. You can’t tell but it has pine cones, berries, and some burlap throughout it. The Santa advent calendar is from Pottery Barn but years ago. My mother-in-law was kind enough to give it to me.

The pillow is from Bed Bath and Beyond last year.

I would like to do a fun village on this cabinet but it’s not going to happen this year. The sign is my favorite Christmas song and it’s from Vine and Branches.

This table is usually in my entryway but there was a minor leak in the ceiling and we’re still working on fixing the wall and ceiling. It’s got another Vine and Branches sign. I believe the tree is from Target a couple years ago.

Adam’s mom gave me this cute Santa cookie jar earlier this year.

I found this cute truck at Target this year.

Last year, I found some glass trees at Home Goods that I loved and at the time I thought I could go back and get them later but they were gone when I went back! I was so sad. When I saw these glass trees are Target, I knew I had to have them. Find them here. They have different sizes and they come in different colors. I think I bought this garland last year and I can’t remember where but I added more of my LED lights from Costco.

Here is my new tree! I knew I needed something skinnier for that corner and I love how it turned out. I was trying to stick with mostly red and gold ornaments and it just makes the room feel so cozy looking. I found the tree skirt at Target here.

That is most of my Christmas decor this year! I like to add a little more each year because I am obsessed with Christmas! Have a great weekend!

Jewelry Organization

Yesterday morning, I was getting ready and I was looking in my closet thinking about what else I could do in there for more space and noticed that the shelf above my clothes didn’t wrap all the way around so there was all this wasted space. I asked Adam if he could extend the shelf and he said, “Yeah, that’s easy.”

Then I kept thinking and got on Pinterest looking at jewelry organizers. I could tell from a bad patch job that the old owner of the house had some kind of jewelry holder on the wall in the closet. I found a picture I liked and asked Adam if he could build me something like that and again he said, “Yeah, that’s easy. Let’s go to the store.”

Adam really is the best. We went to breakfast and then to Home Depot to pick up supplies and he got right to work. I didn’t expect it all to be done but by the end of the night, he had it finished and I love it!

Here is the finished product!

Once the stain finishes setting in I’ll be able to put my perfume and watches on the shelves. It got everything off the dresser and made it less cluttered in the bedroom. It’s also going to be nicer because when Adam is off work, he gets to sleep in so this is less I have to be in the bedroom making noise.

The lower shelf has the rod for my earrings and hooks for necklaces.

I picked out the bracelet holders just in the cabinet hardware section at Home Depot.

There’s plenty of room for me to buy more jewelry too which I love and I can easily see everything. I liked the look of the brushed nickel and stained wood. Adam used the same stain that he’s used on all of the furniture he’s built. It’s brown with a hint of gray. The whole project probably cost about $30-$35 total and I loved that it’s exactly what I wanted!

Xoxo, Steph

Pottery Barn Teen

This past year, I came across Pottery Barn Teen and it was a life-changing experience. I always knew it was there but it was always out of my price range so I never thought twice about it. However, now, I like to treat myself and love to shop there when they have great deals!

I wanted to share some of my favorite purchases from there that have helped decorate my room and my desk at work. You may not be a teenager anymore but they have some pieces that are GREAT for any age.

Emily & Meritt Collection

Have you ever heard of Emily & Meritt? Because if you haven’t yet, you should. They have their own website of fun clothing and accessories but they also design a collection for PB Teen and it’s marvelous.

Bed of Roses Duvet Cover + Shams

The Emily & Meritt Bed Of Roses Duvet Cover + Sham Black & Blush

I saw this bedding at my friend Katy’s house and I fell in love. I had to have it. The roses are gorgeous! It makes my bed so comfy and cozy that I never want to get out of it. I have more of a white/neutral tone in my bedroom so this fits perfectly. You can get this set here.

Pirate Stripe Sheet Set

The Emily & Meritt Pirate Stripe Sheet Set

I couldn’t pass up the striped sheets to go with the duvet because I love stripes. These sheets are so soft and comfy that, again, make me never want to get out of bed. You can get this set here.

Glitter Catchall

The Emily & Meritt Glitter Catchall

I figured that if I was going to get new bedding, why not switch up my hamper? I have the large one (featured in the back) and it takes care of all my dirty laundry while still looking great in my closet. It holds so many clothes! You can get this one here.

Stella Stool

Rowan Vanity

That cute faux fur stool is where I sit at my vanity to do my makeup! I bought it on sale earlier this year and it’s the cutest addition to my room. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it anymore but if you want to see their other accent chairs, look no further.

If you can’t tell already, I love gold. It’s the prettiest accent color ever, right next to blush pink. If the world would change every color scheme to this one, I would be in heaven.

Himalayan Wingback Desk Chair

Gray Himalayan Wingback Desk Chair

I just bought this baby with a bunch of gift cards I had and I’m so excited for it to get here! This is going to be my new desk chair at work. Is it a little too extra? Probably. But it sure is going to complete my desk. You can get this one here.

I’m also keeping an eye on a few other items that I’m interested in so I’ll share those as well.

Emily & Meritt Mermaid Beach Towel

The Emily & Meritt Mermaid Beach Towel, Black/White

I was going to get this towel this summer but I completely forgot. But who doesn’t want to look like a mermaid when they’re at the beach? This one is on sale for $17 and also comes in pink! Get it here.

Ava Frosted Acrylic Rotating Earring Holder

Ava Frosted Acrylic Rotating Earring Holder

I have a similar earring holder from the Container Store that is clear acrylic and folds but this one is (you guessed it) gold so I’m drooling just a little bit. I wear a lot of earrings so I definitely need to keep them organized! You can get this one here.

Heirloom Beauty Storage

Heirloom Beauty Storage

I like my vanity mirror but it’s not my favorite in terms of design. This one is very clean and minimalistic so I’m kind of obsessed with it. It can sit on top of your current table or you can hang it on the wall! It’s currently on sale for $30 (originally $60) so I may just pick it up 🙂 Get it here.

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit just recently collaborated with PB Teen to come out with a new collection and it seriously makes me drool.

Framed Face Art

Benefit Face Framed Art, 18"x24"

Can you imagine having this above your vanity? I need all the heart eyes!!! Get this framed beauty here.

Duffle Bag

Benefit Gorgeous Duffle Bag

This cute duffle bag is the perfect addition to your next weekend trip! It looks like the bags women used to carry on flights in the ’70s. I love it! Get this here.

Harry Potter

Last but not least, if you are a major Harry Potter fan, you HAVE to check out their collection. They have the most GORGEOUS pieces to make your room feel like it’s part of the dorm at Hogwarts.

Magic Spells Sheet Set

HARRY POTTER™ Magic Spells Sheet Set

Can you imagine sleeping on sheets that have spells on them? It looks so clean and inviting! This is a perfect sheet set to have on your bed underneath your duvet (keep your spells safe). Get this set here.

Mirror of Erised Jewelry Wall Cabinet


Okay, I’m not going to lie. This one is pretty pricey. BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE USING THE MIRROR OF ERISED TO DO YOUR MAKEUP? I can’t. It’s too good. It’s a cabinet so you can open it up and hang all your earrings and other jewelry inside! It’s so amazing. If you decide to get it, please invite me over. Thanks. Get it here.

Moral of the story is… check out Pottery Barn Teen. It is absolutely amazing and you can get really anything your heart desires there. I can’t imagine my life without it. Go treat yourself, you deserve it.

Share all your goodies with me!!
xoxo Michelle


Desk Decor

Steph and I work at an office building where everyone has cubicles but being the cutesy and organized type-A personalities we are, it’s just another little home to decorate.

I hate having papers everywhere because it will literally distract me from any work I need to do. I’ll be typing away furiously and I’ll catch some loose papers out of the corner of my eye and all my concentration goes out the window. You may be the same kind of person so I decided to show you all my cubicle and where to get all the neat stuff that will help you organize your desk in the cutest way possible.

Even if you don’t work at an office building, these items will look great in a home office as well 🙂

Image result for office space cubicles

Don’t let your workspace get cluttered like Milton’s! (If you don’t get this reference, watch Office Space)

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

This is my cubicle! This is my home away from home. As you can see, I’ve got a few things to make it cute and comfy.

This tufted chair from Target is my favorite! When people come to visit me at my desk, I like to have a place for them to sit and hang out. A lot of you are probably like, ‘Why would you want your coworkers to hang around your desk? I hate mine’. But I lucked out working at a place where the people are pretty cool. I found this chair in the Target’s furniture clearance section about a year ago so I don’t think they have this exact one but check out their chairs here.


Target has the cutest chairs!

The solid pale pink pillow is from Target as well and is so velvety soft, everyone wants to steal it. The cute ‘hello’ pillow is from my friend Morgan (HI MORGAN!) who moved to Nashville for a rockstar life and left us behind. JK Morgan, love you!

Throw Pillows

Check out Target’s super cute collection of throw pillows here.

My calendar is from Rifle Paper Co. and if you don’t know about them yet, you should. I’m in love with everything Anna Bond does. Every year, I buy their appointment calendar and it’s gorgeous. You can get 2019’s calendar by clicking on the picture below 🙂 They also have smaller versions of their calendars that have maps of the world, inspirational quotes, lemons, and more!


If you haven’t noticed yet, I definitely have a gold/pale pink theme going on. I used to hate pink growing up but I fell in love with the pale pink color and now I’m obsessed.

Having lights around my desk makes me feel happier. It’s the twinkle I feel I deserve. I got these lights from Amazon here for $11. I got some twine and clothespins from my friend Ally who is also super obsessed with desk decor and hung up some Polaroid-sized pictures. I like to print these out from an awesome place called Social Print Studio. You can get 24 of these square prints for $12. They’re such a good size that I printed some out for my room and hung them up there as well. Check them out by clicking their logo below!

Image result for social print studio

The monitor stand (that I don’t use for my monitor) is from Target. I tried to find it online but it doesn’t look like it’s on their website. I’m pretty sure I saw it in store still though!

I bought my pretty scissors from Anthropologie. They are $16 and you can get them on their website by clicking the picture below 🙂Slide View: 1: Rose Scissors

My letterboard is from Felt Like Sharing on Amazon. You can get your own here. They have so many cute colors you can choose from depending on what your color scheme is. I could really go for some cake right now.

My stapler was a gift from my friend Kaylyn and I love it! I’m just a sucker for gold things. I found it at Target and attached the link to the picture below.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

I got the drawers from Target as well (Target for the win) and my friend Ally loved it so much that she bought one of her own. You can get it from their website here. It’s a great place to keep things nearby while maintaining the aesthetic.

I also keep an exercise ball (the yellow, spiky thing in the bottom left corner) at my desk for those days that I can’t keep sitting in a desk chair. It also is a great distraction for me during conference calls 🙂

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

I have a mug and bowl set from Target that I love. I like having it so I’m not buying paper cups or paper bowls. Help out the environment, people.

I just recently bought this agenda from Anthropologie. It comes with a cute gold pen with black ink but I wanted a little more color so I chose a purple pen instead. You can get this planner from their website here.

That cute, hand-drawn picture of me with a large fry above the agenda was made by my friend Emily. She is so talented!! And she accurately captured my love for french fries.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

You know how I hate loose papers? I decided to conquer this by getting a letter tray. I bought this little baby from Amazon and you can get yours here.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Pictures really make your area feel homey and remind you of all the people you get to hang out with after work so it’s perfect. That note on the left that looks like a small, pink notebook is from Rifle Paper Co. as well! You can get it for $8 on their website here.

I hope this helped you get started on decorating your office space. It’s so important to make sure that your workspace is somewhere you want to be! Otherwise, you’re going to dread every single moment. (Although let’s be real, most of us dread every single moment of work).

If you have any other ideas for decorating your space or just want to share them with us, comment below! We’d love to see it!

xoxo Michelle

Fall Decor

Fall is officially here tomorrow! I’ve had my decorations up for a few weeks but now I feel like I’m actually allowed. Bring on cooler weather, crunchy leaves, pumpkin treats and fall activities.

Nothing says fall like an endless stream of lists detailing Pumpkin Spice Lattes, leaves, scarves, boots, football, and Hocus Pocus.

Here is a little peek at my fall decor this year. After Halloween, I will put away the Halloween stuff and leave the rest until the day after Thanksgiving. Then it’s time for my very FAVORITE time of year.


The glass pumpkins are from HomeGoods this year. I was there last week and they still had some so head over there and take a look! Last year, they had some glass Christmas trees and I didn’t buy them that day and I was so bummed the next time I went to get them and they were all gone.

I bought the thankful sign from Target for $3 in what I like to call their dollar section. After I pulled it out of the packaging, I wasn’t in love with it so next year, I will watch for something else.


I already had the galvanized tray with twine balls but I found these mini pumpkins at Target to add in. Target actually had a really cute variety of different decorative pumpkins.

I picked up these fall kitchen towels at HomeGoods as well. The “Come in for a Spell” sign I got a few years ago. I actually can’t remember where but I think it’s so cute in the entryway.

I bought these pumpkins at Michaels last year on clearance. I love the gold detail on the white one.


I should’ve taken a better picture but I keep the “Give Thanks” sign up all year but I think it’s perfect for fall and Thanksgiving as well. It’s made in this great Etsy shop called Vine and Branches. She sells out of her stuff really fast so you have to watch on Instagram for when her shop opens up. The “Choose Happy” sign is also by her. I have a couple of Christmas ones too.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay tuned for a little giveaway next week!

Cleanin’ Out My Closet

I have too many clothes. I constantly go through and pull out pieces I don’t wear anymore to donate but it’s getting to the point where I really do wear everything I have! To be honest, the only reason it’s a problem for me is that I don’t have enough closet space.

I divided my closet into three sections: top, middle, and bottom. I keep books and baskets on the top shelf, my clothes are hung up in the middle and the bottom is a mess of stuff that I desperately need to organize.

Today, I’m talking about how I cleaned up the middle section. I decided to get new hangers because I was still living in the plastic world and needed to get out of it ASAP. This is what it looked like before:


My clothes were originally organized strictly by color but because of the double sliding doors that my closet has, I would always forget about the clothes behind the door. I also hated the color of the hangers. White isn’t bad but the white hangers didn’t have any hooks for me to hang up skirts and I have a few skirts. I used the teal hangers with hooks to hang up my skirts with safety pins (real ghetto).

I decided to buy some hangers from Amazon that were not plastic and finally matched! They are velvet ivory hangers and while they’re pretty thin, they actually hold a lot of weight! I love the velvet because it keeps each piece in place, especially the tops that would easily slide off of my plastic hangers. You can get these here.


I also bought the matching skirt hangers and it was glorious. They have built-in clips so I no longer have to use safety pins and poke holes in my skirts! You can get these here.


I got to work replacing each hanger with one of these babies and also pulling out clothes that I no longer wanted. It definitely took a while, especially because I ran out of hangers! I had originally ordered 100 regular hangers and realized I was going to need more for sure. A couple of days later, I got some more hangers and finished hanging everything up.

This is the final result! I decided to organize my clothes by type (and then color) and I like it so much more. I’ve read that it’s really good feng shui to have your clothes go from light to heavy (left to right) so I decided to follow that. Skirts are first and I ended with my heavier jackets and coats.

I still have a lot to do with the top and bottom but I’ll keep you updated as I continue organizing 🙂 I will also be showing you guys how to organize your drawers using the Marie Kondo method that I swear by! Stay tuned for that.

What are your favorite ways to keep your closet organized? (Help, I need it)


Summer Decor

Festive decorations are one of my favorite things to put out. I love being able to change up what your house looks like depending on the season or holiday coming up. I am trying really hard not to go crazy and buy everything I see. I’m trying to actually think about where the piece will go and if I will like it for years to come. It doesn’t always work out that way of course but it’s a work in progress.

Most of what I have for summer is red, white and blue/flag themed which I love and it works out well that in Utah we also celebrate the 24th of July. I’ve been on the hunt this year for more items to add that aren’t red, white and blue to add some variety. The only thing I’ve bought so far like that, is the dish towels below. I’m realizing though that fun dish towels are an super easy way to switch out depending on the time of year.


I found these at Home Goods. I think they were only $5 and it’s a quick way to make your kitchen feel more summery.

I love to go to Home Goods every few months and see what new stuff they have. I either see tons of things I want or not a whole lot. I just bought the lamp shown below there and it was only $30! I got this wooden American flag a few years ago but I can’t remember where I found it.


I was at Target a few weeks ago and found this CUTE garland. It’s on clearance right now for only $6.99! The stars are wooden but the edges are painted red, white and blue.


Anyone have any ideas of what to put over my mantle?? I haven’t been able to figure that one out. Lots of people suggest a mirror but there is already a mirror on the opposite wall so I’m not sure if another one would be weird.


Here is a close up of the stars so you can see the painted edge.

My other fun find was also at Target. You know the section right inside the doors where there’s the super cheap seasonal stuff? I call it the dollar section and and you can find some great stuff there sometimes. Well I found this cute star bucket for $3. I picked up some mini American flags and put them in the bucket. Easy peasy!


I put the flags on the lazy susan that is on my kitchen table. It’s a great centerpiece for everyone to see when they walk by.

A couple years ago I found these ceramic stars in the dollar section at Target. I have them out on the entertainment center in front of my TV. I need to get some fun candies or something to put in the stars.


Ignore my awkward reflection in the TV 

Let me know if you have some fun ideas for your summer decor. I’m always looking for new stuff!