Brown Hair, Basketball, Booties, & Bench Presses

We have been a little MIA for a while but it’s been so busy. I feel like all the days have just blurred together. I hate when time goes by that fast BUT with how freezing it has been here in Utah lately, I’m okay with time going by fast right now.

One thing I totally forgot to share with you guys is that I went back to my dark brown hair! Being half blonde is super hard to maintain and my hair had been like that for so long that I felt like I needed a change so I’m back to my roots!

A little over a week ago, Cody and I went with our friends Bitters & Tavia to a Jazz game against the Lakers (boo) and it was such a fun game to be at! We won so that was great and I was happy we didn’t lose to them because there were tons of Lakers fans there.

I’m proud to report that I’ve been sticking to my new year’s resolutions so far and I’ve been going to the gym with my trainer! It’s been so fun but SUPER hard. I’m sore every day of my life and I walk around like an 80-year-old woman. I’m getting a lot better at eating somewhat healthier and I feel like that’s been helping out a ton. One thing I’m super proud of is all the bench pressing and deadlifting I’ve been doing! I can’t wait to get better at it because it sure feels good.

You guys know how much I love Steve Madden shoes and I found these GORGE booties a couple months ago on their Instagram post. I waited very, very patiently and then boom! They went on sale. It was a match made in heaven.

Look at the cute studs!

They’re the cutest. They’re nice & tall too so I get the extra height I deserve 😉 you can get these babies at Steve Madden by clicking here. They have them in this taupe color, grey, & black.

Happy Wednesday!

Red Mood

December always gets me in a red mood, especially the deep reds. I just feel like it’s the perfect color to celebrate the Christmas season. I wanted to share my red finds to help you put a little pep in your step this holiday. 

O-Ring Zip Back Plaid Wrap Skirt

Red plaid is always great but this skirt will help you be more festive, I just know it! Get it for $19 from Shein.

Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick in Wicked

Dark red lipsticks are always GORGEOUS but they’re my favorite on winter nights, especially if you’re dressing up. Get this color from Lime Crime right now because they’re giving you 50% all their red lips!!!

Ex-Boyfriend Corduroy Jacket

Maybe you’re not trying to dress up too much but you just want a comfy & cozy jacket to wander around in… this one’s for you! The inside has faux sheep fur to keep you warm 🙂 Get it from Bohme for $54.50.

Comstock Casual Sweater

Everyone needs a casual and comfy red sweater in their arsenal, especially for the holiday season! This super cute one is from Piper & Scoot and you can get it for $48.

Halogen Alexa Boot

If you like to dress in all black like I do, then you’ll probably want a red boot to make it pop. This cute bootie is from Nordstrom!

York Puffer Coat

I’ve really gotten into coats and jackets a lot this year and it’s hard for me not to want to buy all of them. This cute puffer coat is perfect for a casual winter day and is screaming your name! Get it from Poppywells 🙂

Long Tassel Scarf

Again, with all the black I wear, it’s really nice to have a red scarf to finish the outfit. This cute long scarf is $19 from ASOS.

Holly Jolly Hoops

These hoops are a perfect addition to your holiday outfit! Emmy Ivy has the cutest earrings but you have to check often because they sell out quick!! Get these here for $12 🙂

Amelia Sweater

I love cold shoulder tops and this cute one is just the right color for the season. You can get this one from XO Mandysue for $39 🙂 Remember, you can use our discount code SALTSUGAR35 for a 35% discount on your any order!

Let’s Get Cozy Cardigan

Who doesn’t love furry and soft clothing? I just found the cardigan that you will probably live in all winter. You’re welcome. Get it from Bella Ella Boutique for $40.

What red pieces can you not live without? 


Not So Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Are you in need of an ugly sweater for a party or event? You might be like me where you buy a not so ugly sweater and it’s just more festive. Last year, I ended up just wearing mine out on weekends because I thought they were fun. I thought I would find some suggestions to show you.

I bought this sweater last year. I love Elf and for some reason, Adam and I would say that line to each other when we were saying bye.


Photo courtesy of Amazon

I couldn’t find my exact sweater but I also have one that says, “Resting Grinch Face.” I often have RBF and I love the Grinch so I loved it. Here is a similar one.


Photo courtesy of Etsy

This sweatshirt is a great price and if you like Mean Girls, then you will like this.


Photo courtesy of Etsy

The next options aren’t things you would probably wear to an ugly sweater party but I came across them on Etsy and they are so cute! I may or may not be purchasing something. This Etsy shop had some really cute options!

Hopefully, this gave you some fun ideas of some cute holiday sweaters to wear during the holiday season or to an ugly sweater party. I know I’ll be wearing mine!

Holiday Dresses

With the holidays coming up, that means lots of parties so I thought I would give some ideas on fun party dresses! This year, Adam’s work party is formal and I was excited to go looking for a new dress. I looked around online first and then went to the mall with Michelle and her sister to check it out.

This was my first pick that I found at Ann Taylor. I’m always a big fan of lace. It says it’s an online exclusive but the store had it. You can find the dress here. It’s a little bit more expensive but their stuff holds up and it’s 40% off right now! I’m waiting for the store to price match me right now because I knew it would go on sale.

The lighting isn’t great but you can see the detail of the lace in the picture above. I think I’ll add a pop of color with some jewelry or a good darker lipstick.

Here are some other options I found at Ann Taylor that are also 40% off.

I don’t love velvet on me but on other people, it looks really good. This dress was pretty in person. Find it here.

Find this beauty here.

Sequin Sheath Dress,                        Main,                         color, MAROON

I’m dying over these sequins! I wish I had a good occasion to wear this to. Find the dress here.

I love an excuse to dress up so I had fun looking around at all the dresses. Shop early so you aren’t stressing at the last second and quickly need a dress!

Have a good weekend!

Gray Mood

I’m a really big fan of grayscale colors. Maybe it’s because dark colors hide all your insecurities and make you feel like a thin & slim goddess. Anyway, gray is one of those colors for me. I love it. I thought I’d share a mood board for all your gray needs!

Journee Collection Vally Bootie

Vally Bootie

A gray bootie is always necessary to have. It’s such a classic color and can really class up your outfit. You can’t go wrong with extra zippers either. Steph has a pair of gray booties that are to die for so I need to get on her level. Get this baby at DSW for $54.99!

Gibson Cozy V-Neck Top

Cozy V-Neck Top,
                        color, HEATHER GREY

V-necks are hard for me sometimes because I’m a little bustier so there’s a fine line between a good v-neck and showing off more than you need to see. Whenever I find a great v-neck, I love it for life. I like this top because the V isn’t too low but it still looks cute and comfy! Get this at Nordstrom for $49.

Curvy Skinny Corduroy Pants

If you’re into the whole corduroy thing right now, these are the pants for you. Everyone will want to touch your legs (if you let them, of course). These are pretty dang cute! You can get them from LOFT for $39.50.

Save Me a Dance Dress

Maybe you’re just looking for a cute heather gray dress to twirl around in. If you are, this one’s for you! It’s a comfy dress that can be dressed up or down. You can get this ‘lil cutie for $35 at Pink Lily Boutique.

CL by Laundry Studio Flat

Studio Flat

I’m a big fan of flats, especially pointed toe flats!! I feel like they’re so slimming and flattering on everyone and they always give you a polished look. These flats have a cute scalloped vibe to them to make your outfit look that much cuter. Get these from DSW for $40.

Oversize Fringe Scarf


It’s getting super cold outside and you need a scarf so get this one! Pair it with a black leather jacket and you’re golden. You can get it from Gap (the Gap?) for $20.

Super-Long Open-Front Duster


I love dusters! I always feel like I’m a really important person when I wear them. I also like whipping it around but that’s just me. Anyway, they’re super comfortable and gives an extra oomph to a t-shirt and jeans. Start out your collection with this duster from Old Navy for $40.

Faux Leather Moto Jacket

You’re cool. I know you’re cool. Because you’re cool, you need a leather jacket. And you’re in luck, I just found you one. Fitted leather jackets are the best. This one is a pretty gray from LOFT and you can get it here.

Cozy Camp Socks

Cozy Camp Socks in Heather Grey - main

I love nice socks, especially in the winter. Marled socks happen to be my favorite to wear around the house (I’m not sure exactly why but that’s the way it is). Therefore, I think everyone should have a cute pair of marled socks and I found the perfect pair for you. Get these for $9.60 from Hanna Andersson.

Nike Dry Legend Hooded Top

main image

If you were in the market for a cute hoodie for your workout (or for lounging around like I would use it for), I found this little baby. I really like Nike clothes because they’re super comfortable so treat yourself with this $40 hoodie at Macy’s.

Go a little gray crazy this month and branch out from the colors!
What pieces were your favorite?

Steph’s Favorite Places to Shop

I thought I would share my favorite places to shop for clothes lately. I’ve been trying to be good about saving money because I want a new car soon so I have to limit myself somewhat so that means not shopping too much. Sometimes I can’t resist though!

Michelle and I work for a more conservative company and their dress code is “business professional.” My go-to store for work clothes, as you probably guessed already, is Loft. I love their cute tops and pencil skirts. They’re currently having a 40% off sale for friends and family! As I’m writing this, I’m trying to tell myself not to look through the site. The thing to remember with Loft if you’re looking at some of their prices is that they have sales so often that I very rarely will buy anything full price there. Wait for the sale. You can also find some great stuff at their outlet.

I also really love to shop at Nordstrom. Years ago, before I started shopping there, I always thought they were too expensive. Sometimes I would find things at Nordstrom Rack but I didn’t seek them out. After I started reading some blogs, I realized they have some great sales too and you don’t always have to spend tons of money. They always have free shipping and returns too. Their customer service is so great that I will keep shopping there just for that.

A couple years ago, I had ordered a dress and a skincare product from Nordstrom’s website and when it was supposed to be delivered and I hadn’t seen the package yet, I noticed on the order that it had gone to my old house by mistake. I called Nordstrom with low hopes of anything being done because it was obviously my mistake and they were so nice and just shipped me out new products to my current address. They acted like it was no big deal but to me it was huge! Nordstrom is well known for having some of the best customer service.

If I’m looking for more casual clothing to wear when I’m not at work, I love Mindy Mae’s Market. I know I’ve posted about them before but their clothes are so cute! Everyone needs one of their double hood sweatshirts. I wish they had sales more often. They also won me over with their customer service. I had bought a vest from them on a sale and a few days after I ordered, I got an email saying that the vest had been restocked with a slightly different vest. They sent me a picture of the new one just wanting to make sure I still wanted it and to make me aware it would be a little different than what I thought. Unfortunately, I decided not to keep the vest because it wasn’t the color I wanted but I really appreciated them reaching out like that.

Photo courtesy of Mindy Mae’s Market

I’m currently drooling over this top since I saw it on IG. I love stuff that looks like you’ve put more effort into it than you really have like with these layers. I’m also a sucker for stripes. Give me all the striped tops!

Those are probably my top places right now. I will branch out every once in a while but I really like to stick with companies and brands I know I won’t be disappointed with. Sorry that was really wordy with only one picture but check out their websites and see what you can find!

Outfit of the Day

Good morning!

I was inspired by Michelle’s post about mustard yellow and by a post by Sheaffer Told Me To and bought this outfit! Loft was having a sale recently where everything was 50% off plus free shipping and I couldn’t resist. Loft is my go-to store lately for clothes, especially for work.

I thought this outfit was so fun and the skirt is not what I would normally wear but when I put it all together, I loved it. My sister actually got the same outfit too!

Excuse my squinty eyes as it was very bright and a little windy.

You can find the top here and it is currently 40% off! This will be great as well with some dark jeans and cute flats. You can’t see it in the picture but the back buttons down. I realized when I got it in the mail that I actually have this shirt in a mint green too that I love.

The skirt is a great mustard color. It’s not something I would’ve picked out normally but I’m glad it got me out of my comfort zone. I love the big pockets and the tie waist adds a cute extra touch. It is also 40% off right now! I think this outfit would be great when it’s colder with some black tights and I have some cute black wedges. The skirt is actually a little thicker than you would think so it’s perfect for fall and winter!

My flats I actually found this summer at Nordstrom Rack but I found them on Nordstrom’s website here. I actually have them in nude as well and they’re a great comfy flat. Sam Edelman shoes will hold up too so sometimes spending the extra money is worth it.


Mustard Yellow Mood

Fall is here and I’m so excited! It’s my favorite time of the year. Fall in Utah is gorgeous because the trees are all different colors and it’s rainy, dark, and cloudy. One of the best colors you’ll find in fall is the mustard yellow color on the trees. It really makes everything pop! Just like in nature, mustard yellow is a great color to wear in the fall. I used to hate yellow and I never owned anything this color but I fell in love and now I have three tops.

I wanted to share some great fall pieces of this color that you could get right now to complete your outfit!

Tie Back Pullover Sweater from Charlotte Russe

This pretty thing is only TWENTY BUCKS so you can’t even make up an excuse not to get it. I love the tie back detail. Get this baby here.

Steve Madden Trace Studded Mule

Image result for steve madden yellow studded mule

Mules are really in this season and this is a great shoe to accentuate your outfit! Nordstrom has it on sale for $47.96 (originally $80). Get it here!

Girls Night Halter Top from Bohme

“But Michelle, what if I live in a really warm climate and it’s too hot to wear a sweater?” This is the top for you. You deserve to wear fall colors even if you don’t get the weather. This top is $41.99 from Bohme and you can get it here.

La La Lady Dress from Ivy City Co.

La La Dress

One of the best things about colder weather is long-sleeved dresses! This buttery velvet dress is perfect for fall and will make you want to twirl around to your heart’s content. It’s $62 and I doubt it’ll be in stock for very long. Get it from Ivy City Co. here!

Fern Print Maxi by ROOLEE

For you tall hotties that can pull off maxi dresses, this one is perfect! I love the floral pattern and the ruffled hem. This one is available from ROOLEE and you can get it here for $44.

New Look Long Sleeve Wrap Bodysuit from ASOS

yellow bodysuit

I’m a big fan of bodysuits because they just make every outfit look so nice. This one from ASOS is super cute and it’s only $26. Get it here.

Milania Shorts from XO Mandysue

For those of you that live in warmer climates, these yellow shorts are adorable and would be perfect with a light sweater! These are only $35 from XO Mandysue and you can get them here. Remember, Salt + Sugar readers get 35% off on their website by using promo code SALTSUGAR35 so go treat yourself!

Mustard Thermal Button Top from Dottie Couture

Mustard Thermal Button Top

Thermal tops are really in right now and this one has cute buttons to go along with it! It’s $32 at Dottie Couture and you can get it here!

Solid Pleated Oblong Scarf from Maurices

Yellow scarf

Maybe you just want a little bit of yellow to add to your outfit. This scarf is perfect for adding a pop of color! You can get it here from Maurices for $18.

Fujifilm X UO Instax Mini from Urban Outfitters

Slide View: 1: Fujifilm X UO Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Maybe you just want to look good snapping a picture. This little baby is for you! You can get the Fujifilm Instax camera in Marigold for $69 at Urban Outfitters here.

Boyfriend V-Neck Cardi from Old Navy

product photo

I love cardigans and I have more than I need to have. A mustard yellow cardigan is a perfect addition to your outfit for a pop of color. You can get this one from Old Navy for $30 here.

Syndicate Yellow Striped Ribbed Bodycon Midi Dress from Lulu’s

Syndicate Yellow Striped Ribbed Bodycon Midi Dress

Steph and I love stripes and this is a perfect dress with stripes! You can pair it with a denim jacket to complete the look. It’s available at Lulu’s here for $48.

Mid-Rise Pixie Utility Chinos from Old Navy

product photo

Finally, you’ll need to bring your fall colors to work obviously so why not grab a pair of Chinos in mustard yellow? These cute pants are available from Old Navy here for $39.99.

Your closet will thank you for adding a cute pop of color!

xoxo Michelle

Outfit of the Day

I haven’t written an outfit of the day post in a bit so I thought I’d share with you what I’m wearing today! I’m a little exhausted from running around lately so for work today, I wanted something cute and comfortable.


My denim jacket is from American Eagle. It’s such a comfy jacket. I wear it on flights, to work and whenever I want to dress up a tee. Unfortunately, they don’t have my exact jacket in stock anymore 🙁

My white t-shirt is from American Eagle as well. If you haven’t tried their Soft & Sexy v-neck t-shirts, you’re missing out! You can get the white one by clicking here (it’s on sale right now!)

I got these gorgeous polka-dotted dress pants from my Stitch Fix box. They’re made by Tinsel and they’re the comfiest pants! I get lots of compliments on them when I wear them. Try Stitch Fix and get your first fix free when you click here!

Last but not least, my shoes. One of my favorite things from my childhood were the black platform shoes. They’re iconic. Steve Madden brought them back and the second I heard it, I had to have them. My co-workers call them my Lizzie McGuire shoes. It’s about a 50/50 on people who like them and people who hate them but I don’t need the haters! You can get your very own pair from Steve Madden here. I promise you’ll love them.

What are you wearing today?


Outfit of the Day

Good morning! I wore this outfit last week to work for their casual Friday. I thought it would be a great weekend outfit as well!

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

My top is from LOFT a few months ago so it’s sold out now, unfortunately. I think you can dress up any outfit with a top that’s not just a t-shirt and has some sort of flare like this one has with the peplum.

My jeans are just some skinny jeans from American Eagle that I’ve had for a few years. I find their jeans fit me best and then depending on the shoes I’m wearing I will just cuff them like I did here. My shoes are the Shoreline Converse that I wear all the time. I like that I can just slip them on and they have the lower profile than the normal Converse.

I hope everyone is having a great week! We’re halfway through!