Weekend Highlights

It’s almost Christmas and I can’t wait! Just one more weekend! I better hurry and finish getting my last few gifts this week. I only have one picture from this weekend. Sorry, I know I need to be better but I can tell you what I did.

Saturday, I went to a cookie exchange party for one of my friends from work. I wasn’t able to stay the whole time but she does it annually and you get to walk away with a yummy variety of cookies. I ran some errands on the way home and then I attempted to watch Home Alone with Adam but I fell asleep pretty quickly. I realized I am behind on watching Christmas movies this year and I brought my stack out to try and watch them between now and Christmas. I’ll have to try again with Home Alone.

When I woke up, Adam took me to dinner and then we had to run to Lowe’s and check out our possible next house project. I’ll keep you updated on what we decide.

First thing Sunday morning, we went grocery shopping because I wanted to buy everything we could need until after Christmas to hopefully avoid the business. I already realized I forgot the supplies for the treat Adam gets every Christmas morning he works so I’ll be going back. As soon as I got home, I started making banana bread.

Last year, I wanted to do banana bread for my neighbor gifts but had a hard time getting the bread to cook all the way through and not be dry. Well, I finally have a recipe that I am successful at. Here is the recipe! It’s from A Bountiful Kitchen and it’s so easy. My bread always takes quite a bit longer than she says to cook and I’ve learned that the toothpick method of checking to see if it’s cooked does not work for me. I put a thermometer in the bread and cook it until it’s about 190 degrees. Halfway through cooking, I put tin foil on top as well so the top doesn’t get too crispy.

Here is my finished product!

I actually still need to make a couple more loaves but I ran out of ripe bananas so I should be able to finish this week. Adam is going to deliver these to our neighbors tomorrow while I’m at work. I bought the cellophane from Home Goods about a month ago and the ribbon I stocked up on months ago at Michael’s when it was on clearance. Of course, I ran out of it. Always buy more than you think you need!

After I was done baking, Adam and I went and saw the new Grinch. Have you seen it? What did you think? I was torn because I thought it was cute but I love the Jim Carrey Grinch and his personality.


What did you do this weekend??

Xoxo, Steph