Christmas Decor 2018

Last night, I was finally able to finish getting my Christmas decorations up. Normally, I like to have it done the day after Thanksgiving. It mostly was this year but I decided I really wanted a second Christmas tree and the way we’ve got our furniture in our family room made it so the tree we had didn’t fit great. I put the bigger tree in our formal living room but I still really wanted one in the family room. I talked to Adam and I hurried and ordered another tree online. I got in a little trouble because he knew I had been wanting a second tree and was going to take me to pick one out as part of my Christmas gift but I went and bought one first.

The tree came a couple days ago and tonight I had the time to get it up and finish the decorations.

This is our bigger tree that is now in our formal living room. I like that you can see it lit up from the street. This room felt so warm and cozy this year. Last year I didn’t put much in it.

I bought our stockings last year from Pottery Barn Kids. Adam’s one requirement for his stocking was that it should have a fire truck and luckily I was able to find one! They still have our stockings in other designs. Find all of their stockings here. They’re on sale right now too!

I picked up the garland at Home Goods this year and added some LED lights from Costco. You can’t tell but it has pine cones, berries, and some burlap throughout it. The Santa advent calendar is from Pottery Barn but years ago. My mother-in-law was kind enough to give it to me.

The pillow is from Bed Bath and Beyond last year.

I would like to do a fun village on this cabinet but it’s not going to happen this year. The sign is my favorite Christmas song and it’s from Vine and Branches.

This table is usually in my entryway but there was a minor leak in the ceiling and we’re still working on fixing the wall and ceiling. It’s got another Vine and Branches sign. I believe the tree is from Target a couple years ago.

Adam’s mom gave me this cute Santa cookie jar earlier this year.

I found this cute truck at Target this year.

Last year, I found some glass trees at Home Goods that I loved and at the time I thought I could go back and get them later but they were gone when I went back! I was so sad. When I saw these glass trees are Target, I knew I had to have them. Find them here. They have different sizes and they come in different colors. I think I bought this garland last year and I can’t remember where but I added more of my LED lights from Costco.

Here is my new tree! I knew I needed something skinnier for that corner and I love how it turned out. I was trying to stick with mostly red and gold ornaments and it just makes the room feel so cozy looking. I found the tree skirt at Target here.

That is most of my Christmas decor this year! I like to add a little more each year because I am obsessed with Christmas! Have a great weekend!

Facing Fears

Happy week of Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys time with friends and family before the Black Friday shopping begins!

Yesterday, I conquered a big fear of mine. It’s making my hands sweat as I type about it. Christmas is one of my favorite things and going all out with the decorations is really important to me. Usually, I would be bugging Adam since the beginning of November to get the Christmas lights up on the house before it’s too cold. Somehow I forgot this year and then he started remodeling our bathroom. It’s been consuming all of his free time so I didn’t dare add to it and ask him to put the Christmas lights up even though I know he would’ve found the time to do it.

It’s supposed to snow later this week so I knew if I was going to put the lights up I had to do it soon. I chose to do it when Adam was at work so I could do it in my own time. I got myself up a ladder and onto the roof with very shaky legs. I got all the lights up even though I had to redo a few parts and will have to get back up again to fix some light bulbs that are burnt out and maybe even how the extension cords are set up. But you know what, I got up there and got most of it done even though it was terrifying, especially the parts that were two stories up!

You can see the gaps where I need to fix the burnt out light bulbs.

This may seem silly to some people but I’m proud of myself for climbing up a ladder and sitting on the edge of the roof to put the lights up. Heights are definitely not my favorite thing and I would be OK never doing it again but I know if the situation arises, I can do it again. I celebrated it by going to Taco Bell after!


I rose above. Literally lol.

Stay tuned this week for shopping finds and deals to know about on Black Friday!

Xoxo, Steph