Pottery Barn Teen

This past year, I came across Pottery Barn Teen and it was a life-changing experience. I always knew it was there but it was always out of my price range so I never thought twice about it. However, now, I like to treat myself and love to shop there when they have great deals!

I wanted to share some of my favorite purchases from there that have helped decorate my room and my desk at work. You may not be a teenager anymore but they have some pieces that are GREAT for any age.

Emily & Meritt Collection

Have you ever heard of Emily & Meritt? Because if you haven’t yet, you should. They have their own website of fun clothing and accessories but they also design a collection for PB Teen and it’s marvelous.

Bed of Roses Duvet Cover + Shams

The Emily & Meritt Bed Of Roses Duvet Cover + Sham Black & Blush

I saw this bedding at my friend Katy’s house and I fell in love. I had to have it. The roses are gorgeous! It makes my bed so comfy and cozy that I never want to get out of it. I have more of a white/neutral tone in my bedroom so this fits perfectly. You can get this set here.

Pirate Stripe Sheet Set

The Emily & Meritt Pirate Stripe Sheet Set

I couldn’t pass up the striped sheets to go with the duvet because I love stripes. These sheets are so soft and comfy that, again, make me never want to get out of bed. You can get this set here.

Glitter Catchall

The Emily & Meritt Glitter Catchall

I figured that if I was going to get new bedding, why not switch up my hamper? I have the large one (featured in the back) and it takes care of all my dirty laundry while still looking great in my closet. It holds so many clothes! You can get this one here.

Stella Stool

Rowan Vanity

That cute faux fur stool is where I sit at my vanity to do my makeup! I bought it on sale earlier this year and it’s the cutest addition to my room. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it anymore but if you want to see their other accent chairs, look no further.

If you can’t tell already, I love gold. It’s the prettiest accent color ever, right next to blush pink. If the world would change every color scheme to this one, I would be in heaven.

Himalayan Wingback Desk Chair

Gray Himalayan Wingback Desk Chair

I just bought this baby with a bunch of gift cards I had and I’m so excited for it to get here! This is going to be my new desk chair at work. Is it a little too extra? Probably. But it sure is going to complete my desk. You can get this one here.

I’m also keeping an eye on a few other items that I’m interested in so I’ll share those as well.

Emily & Meritt Mermaid Beach Towel

The Emily & Meritt Mermaid Beach Towel, Black/White

I was going to get this towel this summer but I completely forgot. But who doesn’t want to look like a mermaid when they’re at the beach? This one is on sale for $17 and also comes in pink! Get it here.

Ava Frosted Acrylic Rotating Earring Holder

Ava Frosted Acrylic Rotating Earring Holder

I have a similar earring holder from the Container Store that is clear acrylic and folds but this one is (you guessed it) gold so I’m drooling just a little bit. I wear a lot of earrings so I definitely need to keep them organized! You can get this one here.

Heirloom Beauty Storage

Heirloom Beauty Storage

I like my vanity mirror but it’s not my favorite in terms of design. This one is very clean and minimalistic so I’m kind of obsessed with it. It can sit on top of your current table or you can hang it on the wall! It’s currently on sale for $30 (originally $60) so I may just pick it up 🙂 Get it here.

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit just recently collaborated with PB Teen to come out with a new collection and it seriously makes me drool.

Framed Face Art

Benefit Face Framed Art, 18"x24"

Can you imagine having this above your vanity? I need all the heart eyes!!! Get this framed beauty here.

Duffle Bag

Benefit Gorgeous Duffle Bag

This cute duffle bag is the perfect addition to your next weekend trip! It looks like the bags women used to carry on flights in the ’70s. I love it! Get this here.

Harry Potter

Last but not least, if you are a major Harry Potter fan, you HAVE to check out their collection. They have the most GORGEOUS pieces to make your room feel like it’s part of the dorm at Hogwarts.

Magic Spells Sheet Set

HARRY POTTER™ Magic Spells Sheet Set

Can you imagine sleeping on sheets that have spells on them? It looks so clean and inviting! This is a perfect sheet set to have on your bed underneath your duvet (keep your spells safe). Get this set here.

Mirror of Erised Jewelry Wall Cabinet


Okay, I’m not going to lie. This one is pretty pricey. BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE USING THE MIRROR OF ERISED TO DO YOUR MAKEUP? I can’t. It’s too good. It’s a cabinet so you can open it up and hang all your earrings and other jewelry inside! It’s so amazing. If you decide to get it, please invite me over. Thanks. Get it here.

Moral of the story is… check out Pottery Barn Teen. It is absolutely amazing and you can get really anything your heart desires there. I can’t imagine my life without it. Go treat yourself, you deserve it.

Share all your goodies with me!!
xoxo Michelle