Weekend Highlights


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Cute Morgan is in the middle in that striped dress. My sister is on the left of her and I’m on the right.

My weekend was a little busy! Friday, around lunchtime, my team and I at work went to Chili’s to say goodbye to one of the girls we work with. Morgan is moving to Nashville with her husband so he can pursue his career playing drums! I’m so excited for them and selfishly super excited that I have a reason to visit Nashville now! Morgan, I know you’ll read this so I love you & I wish you two all the best!

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Misty’s the tall beauty in the middle with a striped dress. (I sense a theme)

Friday night, we celebrated my friend Misty’s birthday at Buca di Beppo. We had a blast laughing and talking about work shenanigans and our normal crazy conversations. These girls are great!

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Dave & Buster’s has this VR Jurassic Park game but I can’t tell you how it was since my video turned white the whole time. I couldn’t see a thing.

Saturday morning, my sister and I had to take our Cognitive Psychology final so we had to get up super early for that. Then we came home and napped for a few hours (score!). That night, Cody and I went to dinner at Market Street Grill and we decided to hit up Dave & Buster’s for some arcade games! By the way, Space Invaders is the greatest game and your girl here has won the 500 ticket bonus TWICE. Just saying.

Sunday was spent with the family doing absolutely nothing but playing video games and watching movies so it was a great day!


I got back from my trip to Minnesota on Saturday and I will make sure to do a post about it this week. It was a fun trip but I’m glad to be back home. I spent Sunday getting organized again and ready for the new week.

I had forgotten that I made plans with my friend Alicia for breakfast but luckily she texted me early that morning and reminded me. We met up in downtown Salt Lake at this cute little place called Rye. I just got a simple egg, potato, and bacon breakfast but it was really good! I love my eggs over medium but I get nervous ordering them at restaurants because a lot of the time they end up overcooked. They were perfectly cooked though when they brought out my food! Definitely a place I will try again. Just be careful because it’s easy to miss from the street.

I had big plans to go on a scenic bike ride but I got sidetracked by Grey’s Anatomy. Don’t ask me how many times I’ve watched it but it never gets old. So I apologize but I have no pictures from Sunday because the rest of the day was spent doing laundry, yard work, and grocery shopping. I did stop by Costco because I heard about SexyModest Boutique on Instagram and started following them. They have some really cute and comfy looking dresses. I saw they were going to be at the Bountiful Costco for a few days so I made sure to run over there and grab a couple. I’ll make sure to post a picture when I wear them this week!


Weekend Highlights

How did Monday come already?! We hope everyone had a fun weekend. We’re sharing our weekend highlights. We’d love to hear what your weekend highlights are so comment below and let us know what you did!


Saturday morning, my husband got off work and came home where he woke me up and surprised me by taking me to my favorite local breakfast joint called Ramblin Roads. He knows how much I love breakfast so I did not mind one bit about not being able to sleep in. If you’re ever looking for breakfast near Bountiful, Utah, be sure to check them out.

That night, we went to the drive-in. I didn’t realize there was one up in Ogden so we went to check it out. We saw the new Jurassic World movie.


We put some camping chairs in the back of the truck and bundled up in blankets to watch. I didn’t like this movie as much as the other Jurassic Park movies. I still enjoyed it but the next day we watched the original Jurassic World and I still love that one.

Sunday morning, we went to Topgolf with some of my family. I had never been there and my goal was to just be able to hit the ball. I did better than I thought and it was actually a lot of fun! I will definitely be going back there.


It was a beautiful day to be outside!

Remember how I posted last week about my to-do list in my planner? Well, I didn’t get any of it done until Sunday. It basically took the rest of my day. At one point, my husband said, “I don’t think you could vacuum any longer if you tried.” I definitely could’ve found more but there’s nothing better than clean, shiny floors!


On Friday, we threw a farewell party for my friend Ivan who is moving to Arkansas to work for General Mills. He did an internship there last summer and got a job after he graduated this spring. Ivan is one of the greatest friends you could possibly ever have so we were all super sad to see him go.

My friend Amanda threw his party and there were boxes of General Mills cereal and gallons of milk to enjoy. She even had a “Pin the Ivan in Arkansas” game. She is the best when it comes to parties!

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On Saturday, I spent the day with my boyfriend. We walked around catching Pokémon because we’re in a little bit of a competition with each other right now (he’s winning but I’m in a hurry to catch up). When we got back to his place, we decided to watch a scary movie. I hadn’t seen The Hills Have Eyes so guess what we saw?

However, before that bloody massacre, Cody said he was craving popcorn and he hates popcorn (which has always made me sad because I love it). So of course, I had to clearly take advantage of this situation and so we went to the store, picked up some popcorn, and it was the best night ever.


I had to document this momentous occasion!

I spent Sunday with the family and it was an extremely relaxing day. Besides a very strong headache that I had to (happily) sleep off, I watched TV, took more naps and played Super Mario Odyssey on my Switch. <— I highly recommend this game by the way!

What did you guys do this weekend? Steph and I would love to know! Have a great week!