Makeup Monday

Hey there, lovelies! Happy Monday! I’ve got a few new makeup items I’ve been using that I love and I wanted to tell you all about them.

Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer

I’m kind of really obsessed with this primer. I bought the smaller tube to try it but I think I’ve just found the greatest thing ever. The pores in my t-zone and chin are HUGE (like I could store stuff in there) so by the end of the day, my makeup looks horrid around that area. This has been amazing at smoothing that zone over and making my pores look smaller. It also gives you a matte finish so if that’s what you’re looking for and you have trouble with large pores, I would definitely give this a try. You can get it from Sephora here.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray

Not only do I have large pores but I have an oily face, especially around my t-zone. I’m surprised my makeup doesn’t slide down my face and onto my keyboard. I had been using Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray and it definitely was better at keeping my makeup on than when I don’t use a spray but I felt that it still wasn’t doing the trick.

I decided to try this one instead since it’s directed more towards oily faces and bingo. It’s perfect. I can feel that the formula is different just in the way it sets on my face. I felt like their All Nighter spray was a little sticky in a way, at least on me, but this one is light and amazing. By the end of the workday, my makeup still looks put together and not splotchy because some areas have come off. You can get it from Sephora here.

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Extreme!

I am a sucker for anything that will make my lashes look even longer and more voluminous. When I was at Ulta the other day, I saw this little kit and decided to try it. I have to say, it’s not bad at all. It separates my lashes out really well and there are no clumps! You use the gold tube to prime your lashes, the white tube to add lash extension fibers, and then you seal it all with the gold tube again. The white tube is kinda of fun because it’s like you’re swiping on cotton or little fluffballs. Anyway, I really enjoy this one. I especially like to use it without eyeliner because it gives you a great, semi-natural looking lash with no clumps so you look like you have a natural set of bomb eyelashes. You can get this kit from Ulta here.

CoverGirl Easy Breezy Brow Eyebrow Mascara

I’ve been using this for a while now and I realized that when I found out they changed their tube design haha. This stuff is cheap and works amazingly at keeping my eyebrow hairs from moving. The color I use is Rich Brown and matches my Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse so my brows always look great. You can get it at your nearest drugstore or from Ulta by clicking here.

Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation

I’m always looking for a new foundation and new things to try on my face so when one of my friends mentioned this one, I had to get it. First of all, it really does smell like peaches. Well, maybe not exactly, but it does smell fruitier than other foundations! It goes on super smooth and I feel like it does a good job at covering up imperfections. I was pleasantly surprised that it stayed on really well and didn’t leave me with an orange face (dang you, oxidation!) which is always a plus! It helps tremendously for those with oily faces like me AND doesn’t transfer very easily so if you’re also like me and realize you have makeup smudges on all your clothes in random spots, get this lil baby. You can find it at Sephora here. Thanks for the suggestion, Ashley! <3

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Last week, I was moseying along inside of Ulta with some of my coworkers while we were waiting for a table at a nearby restaurant and I realized they sell MAC now! I clearly hadn’t been to Ulta for a while. I’ve always wanted to try their makeup because I love their lipsticks and lip primer but it was never super readily available to me or I would just forget about it. Anyway, I sat down on the chair and had one of the girls match me and I fell in love. This color is probably the closest match to my skin that I have ever found in my whole life. I didn’t even think it was possible for me. It stays on all day and plays well with my primer and setting spray that I mentioned above. It doesn’t feel heavy and if I touch my face, it doesn’t transfer easily either. Get it from Ulta here.

Sephora’s Birthday Gift

This year, the birthday gifts from Sephora are pretty freaking cool. The first one is a lip & eye mini kit from Kat Von D with her Tattoo Liner, setting powder, and little lipsticks. The second one is a moisturizer and cleanser set from Drunk Elephant. This is the one I got. The girl that worked at Sephora told me that it’s the best set she’s ever had. They’re known to help minimize pores and heal your skin so that’s what I’m about to do. I haven’t used it just yet so stay tuned for a review on this!

What are your new makeup faves?? Please share! I love finding new and awesome products.

My Curology Experience

Hi, lovelies! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I got to spend time with all my loved ones and I enjoyed every second of it. Steph and I are back to work today and a little bummed out that the break is over!

Today, I wanted to talk about my skin journey over the past few months and it’s something that I’m a little nervous to share but I felt that it would help others on their way to finding clearer, healthier skin. I think I’ve mentioned before that I had been struggling with bad skin but in case I didn’t, I’ll explain.

I had great skin in high school and never wore foundation. It was fantastic. But after I graduated, I slowly started noticing that my face was getting worse and worse. My diet hadn’t really changed so it was super frustrating. Years and years went by and I tried everything I could get my hands on. I tried all different types of cleansers and serums and scrubs and washes. Nothing worked. I even tried Proactiv and that didn’t do a thing.

I was about to definitively start on Accutane since I had friends that had done it and it had worked for them, including Steph (her skin is fantastic). However, I found another company claiming to clear your skin with exactly the ingredients you need & nothing more.

A sucker for great advertising, I decided that I didn’t have anything to lose and I’d try one last time. So in June, I took pictures of my skin and submitted them to Curology. I also filled out their quiz and waited for a reply. They sent me a cream with a special formula just for me and instructions to put on a thin layer before bed.

These are the pictures I submitted to Curology:

Pretty bad huh? I almost can’t believe it!

5 months of using Curology has brought me to this point today:

I still have a little bit to go with discoloration (like the picture on the right) but I’m so happy with the results so far. I noticed a decline in bumps a few weeks into using the cream which was the nicest because I was super self-conscious wearing makeup and still having bumps everywhere. I couldn’t hide that.

I also make sure to only purchase foundation that is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores. I also bought these great little acne dots that you can put on a pimple at night and then in the morning, it’s pretty much gone. Putting these on helped me avoid picking at my face as well, which was a big factor in my skin healing. You can get these acne dots from Amazon here.

If you’re wanting to try something that really works and are willing to be patient, I recommend Curology for you! It’s very straight and simple and you can talk to your PA any time with questions, updates on your journey, or any formula changes. Plus, it has fewer steps than Proactiv so that was a big bonus for me. I didn’t have 18,000 steps to do every night. If you’re interested, check out Curology here.

What product helped you clear up your skin?

Pottery Barn Teen

This past year, I came across Pottery Barn Teen and it was a life-changing experience. I always knew it was there but it was always out of my price range so I never thought twice about it. However, now, I like to treat myself and love to shop there when they have great deals!

I wanted to share some of my favorite purchases from there that have helped decorate my room and my desk at work. You may not be a teenager anymore but they have some pieces that are GREAT for any age.

Emily & Meritt Collection

Have you ever heard of Emily & Meritt? Because if you haven’t yet, you should. They have their own website of fun clothing and accessories but they also design a collection for PB Teen and it’s marvelous.

Bed of Roses Duvet Cover + Shams

The Emily & Meritt Bed Of Roses Duvet Cover + Sham Black & Blush

I saw this bedding at my friend Katy’s house and I fell in love. I had to have it. The roses are gorgeous! It makes my bed so comfy and cozy that I never want to get out of it. I have more of a white/neutral tone in my bedroom so this fits perfectly. You can get this set here.

Pirate Stripe Sheet Set

The Emily & Meritt Pirate Stripe Sheet Set

I couldn’t pass up the striped sheets to go with the duvet because I love stripes. These sheets are so soft and comfy that, again, make me never want to get out of bed. You can get this set here.

Glitter Catchall

The Emily & Meritt Glitter Catchall

I figured that if I was going to get new bedding, why not switch up my hamper? I have the large one (featured in the back) and it takes care of all my dirty laundry while still looking great in my closet. It holds so many clothes! You can get this one here.

Stella Stool

Rowan Vanity

That cute faux fur stool is where I sit at my vanity to do my makeup! I bought it on sale earlier this year and it’s the cutest addition to my room. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it anymore but if you want to see their other accent chairs, look no further.

If you can’t tell already, I love gold. It’s the prettiest accent color ever, right next to blush pink. If the world would change every color scheme to this one, I would be in heaven.

Himalayan Wingback Desk Chair

Gray Himalayan Wingback Desk Chair

I just bought this baby with a bunch of gift cards I had and I’m so excited for it to get here! This is going to be my new desk chair at work. Is it a little too extra? Probably. But it sure is going to complete my desk. You can get this one here.

I’m also keeping an eye on a few other items that I’m interested in so I’ll share those as well.

Emily & Meritt Mermaid Beach Towel

The Emily & Meritt Mermaid Beach Towel, Black/White

I was going to get this towel this summer but I completely forgot. But who doesn’t want to look like a mermaid when they’re at the beach? This one is on sale for $17 and also comes in pink! Get it here.

Ava Frosted Acrylic Rotating Earring Holder

Ava Frosted Acrylic Rotating Earring Holder

I have a similar earring holder from the Container Store that is clear acrylic and folds but this one is (you guessed it) gold so I’m drooling just a little bit. I wear a lot of earrings so I definitely need to keep them organized! You can get this one here.

Heirloom Beauty Storage

Heirloom Beauty Storage

I like my vanity mirror but it’s not my favorite in terms of design. This one is very clean and minimalistic so I’m kind of obsessed with it. It can sit on top of your current table or you can hang it on the wall! It’s currently on sale for $30 (originally $60) so I may just pick it up ūüôā Get it here.

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit just recently collaborated with PB Teen to come out with a new collection and it seriously makes me drool.

Framed Face Art

Benefit Face Framed Art, 18"x24"

Can you imagine having this above your vanity? I need all the heart eyes!!! Get this framed beauty here.

Duffle Bag

Benefit Gorgeous Duffle Bag

This cute duffle bag is the perfect addition to your next weekend trip! It looks like the bags women used to carry on flights in the ’70s. I love it! Get this here.

Harry Potter

Last but not least, if you are a major Harry Potter fan, you HAVE to check out their collection. They have the most GORGEOUS pieces to make your room feel like it’s part of the dorm at Hogwarts.

Magic Spells Sheet Set

HARRY POTTER√ʬĄ¬Ę Magic Spells Sheet Set

Can you imagine sleeping on sheets that have spells on them? It looks so clean and inviting! This is a perfect sheet set to have on your bed underneath your duvet (keep your spells safe). Get this set here.

Mirror of Erised Jewelry Wall Cabinet


Okay, I’m not going to lie. This one is pretty pricey. BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE USING THE MIRROR OF ERISED TO DO YOUR MAKEUP? I can’t. It’s too good. It’s a cabinet so you can open it up and hang all your earrings and other jewelry inside! It’s so amazing. If you decide to get it, please invite me over. Thanks. Get it here.

Moral of the story is… check out Pottery Barn Teen. It is absolutely amazing and you can get really anything your heart desires there. I can’t imagine my life without it. Go treat yourself, you deserve it.

Share all your goodies with me!!
xoxo Michelle


New Beauty Faves

Whenever I find new products, I’m always ranting and raving about it to everyone. I found a few that I wanted to talk to you guys about and hope you love them as much as I do!

I am, by no means, a makeup artist but I do love trying out new makeup every once in a while! Recently, I was at Ulta trying to buy a gift for someone else but how can you not shop around for yourself while you’re there? It’s incredibly hard not to.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

I’m a huge fan of Tarte Cosmetics so I thought I’d try their Amazonian Clay foundation. It has been so good! I’m shocked how well of a coverage it gives me with so little. It’s also such a good match to my skin that I was very pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t tried it, you¬†should. My shade is Tan Honey & you can get it from Ulta here.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

I had also heard a lot about Living Proof’s In-Shower Styler and I’m already a fan of their dry shampoo so I thought I’d try it. This stuff is so easy to use and it’s great! I just wash my hair like normal in the shower and then after I rinse out my conditioner, I massage and scrunch in some of the Styler, wait a little bit and then lightly rinse (you don’t want to rinse all of it out). It gives me some great waves and curls without doing much work. Try it out & tell me what you think! You can get it from Ulta here.

For Christmas last year, Steph got me a great oval makeup brush that I just starting using more often. I had never tried using these types of brushes before so at first when I got it, I wasn’t super impressed. But I started using it more often when I had time to spend on doing my makeup and I fell in love with it. It makes my foundation look so smooth and helps me cover up blemishes. You can get it from Amazon here. I definitely recommend having one of these brushes in your arsenal because it’s a game-changer.


Just like I like trying on new foundations, I also love trying out liquid eyeliners. I’m always looking for a long-lasting eyeliner because I swear mine always rubs off. I stopped by Sephora at the mall the other day and found Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line and thought I’d try out her eyeliner. This is quite possibly the greatest eyeliner I’ve found yet. It stays on SO WELL. It has stayed on through naps, the hot Utah summer, and has stayed on during those times when I’ve come home super late and fell asleep without taking my makeup off (I know, bad Michelle). I’m hooked. You guys have to try it for yourselves and tell me what you think! You can get it from Sephora here.

I can’t wait for you guys to try these products out! Let me know what you think!

How to store and organize your makeup

Morning, friends! I thought I would tell everyone how I store and organize my makeup. I am not a makeup guru so I don’t have tons of stuff like I’ve seen some people with but I’ve got the basics. I had a drawer to put my makeup in when we moved and I realized that I didn’t want to just throw everything into it and have stuff floating around unorganized. After unpacking, I realized I had an extra silverware holder because I had bought a bigger one. So I thought, I wonder if this would fit in the drawer and hold my stuff nicely? And it did!

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

I’ve got my Naked palettes in the back of the drawer, a little section for my blush/bronzer/highlighter, all my lipsticks together, eyeshadows in another section and my tinted moisturizers and mascaras in another. I like it separated out because then I’m not digging through the drawer looking for something. Plus, this looks a lot cleaner.

I store my brushes in a little cup on my two-tiered lazy susan that holds most of my lotions. If I ever get to remodel this bathroom, I have big plans on how I want my bathroom vanity to be with the cabinets for optimal storage. I like not having much stuff on the counters so that would fix that problem but for now, this works great for me.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

I got my lazy susan at Target but I found a similar one on Amazon¬†here. Any cutlery tray would work to hold your makeup, but just make sure it’s a size that will fit in your drawer and what your makeup storage needs are.

If you want to put your makeup more on display on the counter, Target has some really cute makeup trays like¬†this¬†depending on how much makeup you have and the prices aren’t bad.

I hope you got some fun ideas on how you stored your makeup. Let me know if you have any ideas for me!

XOXO, Steph

Steph’s Top 10 Beauty Products

I thought a great place to start would be my top 10 beauty products. Many of these I’ve been using for a long time and some of them are more recent. I’m always looking for new things to try because you never know what else is out there! Most of these products are from Nordstrom or Sephora. They’re the same price at either store typically but I do love that Nordstrom always has free shipping if I order online.


My first favorite is the¬†Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser. My mother in law turned me onto this last year. I love it because it takes my make up off really well and quickly without a lot of scrubbing. Some face washes or makeup removers don’t seem to remove everything and I’ve been pleased with how well this does.

The¬†Philosophy Fresh Cream Lotion¬†smells amazing! It’s sweet smelling and it’s one of those lotions I want to use every day but at the same time, I don’t because I don’t want to use it up too fast. Sometimes it’s hard to find it in the store at Sephora or Nordstrom but they always have it online.

I found out about the¬†Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo¬†through my monthly¬†Birchbox. It’s always hard to find a good dry shampoo and this has been my favorite so far. It smells delicious and it doesn’t leave that powdery feeling in your hair that others do.

My hair has a light wave to it so many days I like to use the¬†DevaCurl Light Defining Gel. I’ve been using this for years and it looks like they’ve recently updated their bottles so it might look a little different. This is my favorite to use because it doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy.

I received my¬†Clarisonic¬†about 5 years ago and it is still going strong! I used to have a big problem with peeling, flaky skin and the Clarisonic completely fixed that. I use it every morning with a gentle cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and clean. Exfoliators with the beads always irritated my skin and this hasn’t caused any irritation.

Because of my sensitive skin, I always had a hard time finding things that wouldn’t cause any irritation. When I was a teenager, a friend let me try their¬†Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion¬†and it changed my life. I’ve tried the lotion and the gel and for my drier skin, I’ve stuck with the lotion. You can see in the picture my bottle is almost gone! It does a great job moisturizing without being too heavy and this is what I use every morning.

Someone at Nordstrom turned me onto the¬†Nars Concealer¬†and I use it mostly under my eyes to help cover up some of the darkness. It blends in so well and doesn’t crease or anything. The color I use is Vanilla.

This¬†Lanolips Ointment¬†is a newer find that I use on my lips. You’re probably learning by now that I have sensitive skin. My lips are also very sensitive and this has been the only thing besides Vaseline that has not irritated my lips after using it for more than a couple days. There are a few different types and scents and one day, I want to try those to see how I can handle it.

I love this¬†Bobbi Brown Shadow Stick. I do not have steady hands and this is so easy to just swipe some on my eyelid and then use my finger to even it out. It’s great for when you’re in a hurry or on the go. I have it in Golden Bronze and Golden Pink.

This¬†Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant¬†is my newest find. I had been trying a few different deodorants with no success at finding something stronger. Right after I started using this, I noticed a big difference and I am hooked on it now! It’s more expensive than normal deodorant but it’s worth it to me. You can also find it at any local drugstore.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some new things to try. Feel free to comment or ask any questions and I will get back to you!