Weekend Highlights

I had a super fun weekend with new friends and old friends. On Saturday, we had a dinner & movie night with my friends. It took us probably 35 minutes to pick something to watch because we’re all so stubborn that any time someone suggested something, someone else would hate it. I can never stop laughing with these guys.

One of my favorite things about Christmas in Utah is when the lights at Temple Square turn on after Thanksgiving. It always feels like the official start of Christmas. I love looking at them but I will admit, I’m a baby when it comes to the cold so I don’t go every year.

This year was fun because Cody’s mission companion from Brazil and his wife, Matt and Lorena, came to visit and spent the weekend at his place. We took them to do a few of our favorite things including eating at Maxwell’s, doing an escape room, going to Gourmandise for dessert, getting fries (or frites) from Bruges, and going to Temple Square to see the lights.

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Maxwell’s in Salt Lake is a great restaurant and bar that has some really good (and HUGE) pizzas!

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We did an escape room at The Escape Key in Salt Lake and it was a lot of fun. This is my third time doing an escape room and I’ve escaped every single time. We made it out with about 12 or 13 minutes left. This one was a little hard because the whole room was dark the entire time and we only had flashlights and eventually, small black lights.

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Photo courtesy of Gourmandise

This is one of my favorite places in the entire world. My dad found this place when I was younger and we’ve all been obsessed ever since. I’ve had birthday dinners with friends here so it holds lots of good times and memories for me. We brought Matt and Lorena here because Lorena was really craving some dessert and this is the first place I think of when I want dessert.

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Photo courtesy of Gourmandise

My favorite treats are the chocolate mousse slice, the chocolate strawberry tartelettes, and the raspberry mango tartelettes. There is lots of good stuff here to choose from!

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Lorena was also craving fries (a girl after my own heart) so we took them to Bruges and got a huge serving of fries and sauces. It was delicious!!

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Lorena and Matt invited Cody and I to the Christmas Devotional at the Conference Center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints so we walked through Temple Square on our way to the Conference Center and took some pictures!


I had a blast getting to know these Brazilians living in New Zealand (still insanely jealous about this)! I love making new friends 🙂

Avenues Proper & Hatch Family Chocolates

Steph and I can get pretty busy sometimes but one thing we always try to make time for is BREAKFAST. Okay, I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s brunch (it’s hard to wake up early on a Saturday). We had been hearing a lot about this place in Salt Lake called Avenues Proper, right next to LDS Hospital, so we thought we’d check it out.

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Photo courtesy of Salt Lake Magazine

The weather was so gorgeous on Saturday! We had to take advantage of a cool, breezy day instead of the intense heat we’ve been having.

Steph and I ordered pretty much the same thing but it was delicious!!


This is the Proper Breakfast: 2 eggs any style, baked beans, bacon & house-smoked ham, breakfast potatoes and toast. The top is Steph’s, she got her egg over medium. The bottom is mine with scrambled eggs. Neither of us got the beans because we weren’t feeling it but it was sooooo good! The bacon had a sweet, brown sugar-like glaze over it that made it taste amazing.


My sister came with us and she ordered the Proper French Toast: the bread is house challah and it had pickled pears, orange zest, creme fraiche, and thyme-infused maple syrup. It was delicious! When I go back, I’m definitely getting this.

They’re part of the Proper group in Salt Lake: Proper Brewing Company & Proper Burger. If you’re ever in the area, stop by one of these places and try it out! Check out their menu here.

Right next door to Avenues Proper is Hatch Family Chocolates. If you’re not familiar with this place, it happened to be featured on TLC’s Little Chocolatiers in 2009. They make their own chocolates and their own ice cream so we had to stop by after brunch and get a sweet treat.


My sister got mint chip (left), I got cookies & cream (middle), and Steph got strawberry! Their ice cream is so creamy and just the right amount of sweet. You definitely need to try it out!


We had a blast! What are your favorite breakfast/brunch places?

Avenues Proper and Hatch Family Chocolates
376 8th Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84103


Annette’s 27th

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday! She turned 27 and while she’s kind of upset about that part, she doesn’t look a day over 18. A couple days ago, Steph and I took her to a super cute nail salon in Salt Lake called Nailed! They have the cutest setup and are appointment only, which is so nice because I feel like other nail salons will take appointments and walk-ins so when you get there for your appointment, they’re sitting with a walk-in and you have to wait. What’s the point of an appointment then?

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Courtesy of Nailed Boutique

Anyway, look how cute their area for pedicures is! They had the nicest staff and our gel manicures looked great. This is honestly the best nail salon experience we’ve ever had.

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Annette is on the right, I’m in the middle and Steph is to the right 


Annette is the sweetest sister you could have. She is fiercely protective of those she loves and would do anything for them. We are always laughing about something and we love doing stuff together. I’m so glad that I grew up close to her because she’s one of my best friends. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Thanks for all your support, Annettey! Love you! xoxo

Weekend Highlights


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Cute Morgan is in the middle in that striped dress. My sister is on the left of her and I’m on the right.

My weekend was a little busy! Friday, around lunchtime, my team and I at work went to Chili’s to say goodbye to one of the girls we work with. Morgan is moving to Nashville with her husband so he can pursue his career playing drums! I’m so excited for them and selfishly super excited that I have a reason to visit Nashville now! Morgan, I know you’ll read this so I love you & I wish you two all the best!

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Misty’s the tall beauty in the middle with a striped dress. (I sense a theme)

Friday night, we celebrated my friend Misty’s birthday at Buca di Beppo. We had a blast laughing and talking about work shenanigans and our normal crazy conversations. These girls are great!

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Dave & Buster’s has this VR Jurassic Park game but I can’t tell you how it was since my video turned white the whole time. I couldn’t see a thing.

Saturday morning, my sister and I had to take our Cognitive Psychology final so we had to get up super early for that. Then we came home and napped for a few hours (score!). That night, Cody and I went to dinner at Market Street Grill and we decided to hit up Dave & Buster’s for some arcade games! By the way, Space Invaders is the greatest game and your girl here has won the 500 ticket bonus TWICE. Just saying.

Sunday was spent with the family doing absolutely nothing but playing video games and watching movies so it was a great day!


I got back from my trip to Minnesota on Saturday and I will make sure to do a post about it this week. It was a fun trip but I’m glad to be back home. I spent Sunday getting organized again and ready for the new week.

I had forgotten that I made plans with my friend Alicia for breakfast but luckily she texted me early that morning and reminded me. We met up in downtown Salt Lake at this cute little place called Rye. I just got a simple egg, potato, and bacon breakfast but it was really good! I love my eggs over medium but I get nervous ordering them at restaurants because a lot of the time they end up overcooked. They were perfectly cooked though when they brought out my food! Definitely a place I will try again. Just be careful because it’s easy to miss from the street.

I had big plans to go on a scenic bike ride but I got sidetracked by Grey’s Anatomy. Don’t ask me how many times I’ve watched it but it never gets old. So I apologize but I have no pictures from Sunday because the rest of the day was spent doing laundry, yard work, and grocery shopping. I did stop by Costco because I heard about SexyModest Boutique on Instagram and started following them. They have some really cute and comfy looking dresses. I saw they were going to be at the Bountiful Costco for a few days so I made sure to run over there and grab a couple. I’ll make sure to post a picture when I wear them this week!

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday! We wanted to share our weekend highlights with you. What was your weekend like?


Adam and I went on a little motorcycle ride on Friday night. It was perfect because it was starting to cool down so we weren’t too hot on the bike. I love going on these summertime rides. Going on the freeways scare me a little but Adam is really good at watching out for other cars in case they aren’t paying attention.

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I stayed up late that night finishing up my first attempt at a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream from Cake by Courtney. The picture may make it look crooked but it’s not. I’ll do another post about it later after I’ve made it again. I definitely need some practice so don’t judge my skills too hard! I’m baking my niece and nephew’s cake for their birthday so this was a run-through. Baking cakes may be my new hobby, it was pretty fun.

4BDF01BD-2907-4E57-AAEB-362B7AC80924.jpgSaturday morning was spent doing yard work. I have to wake up early before it’s too hot otherwise you won’t catch me working outside.  Heat is not my friend unless it’s by the pool.

That afternoon, we went on a ride in the Teryx. We are lucky enough to be storing my in-laws’ Teryx for them and lucky enough that we just have to go up the street from our house and we are on a dirt trail. I have Adam drive the whole time because I like to go faster but I know if I drive, I will be too much of a chicken and be afraid of crashing.

Sunday was spent cleaning up my house to prepare to go out of town this week. Adam has a work conference this week in Minnesota and I get to tag along! I went last year so I’m excited to go back again. I’ll make sure and do a post about it when I get back.


This weekend was busy but so fun!

On Saturday, my friends and I volunteered at the Care Fair hosted by the Junior League of Salt Lake. The Care Fair is an annual event where they provide all kinds of medical care to those that are uninsured or can’t afford medical services. We volunteered as interpreters since we all speak Spanish. This is my second time volunteering with them and it’s honestly so rewarding to use your Spanish for something as important as this. They are always so grateful for your help.

We’re all really excited because we’re planning on joining the Junior League this year so we can keep helping out and volunteer with them. There are Junior Leagues all over the country and it’s a women’s only group so if you want to help out in your community, check out their website here. They’re an amazing organization!

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On Sunday, my mom, sister and I went to the Phantom of the Opera musical at the Eccles Theater in Salt Lake. First off, gorgeous building! It was the first time we had gone since it was built and it’s absolutely beautiful. Phantom is my sister’s favorite musical ever so it was fun to get to see it live. They did such a great job! It made me want to keep watching musicals.

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I’m on the left, my mom in the middle, and my sister on the right. Aren’t they the cutest human beings ever? We had so much fun. Then Sunday night, my boyfriend came home from being in Vegas all weekend so we stayed in and watched a movie together.

What did you do this weekend??

Weekend Highlights

One of my best friends got married this weekend and I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid. It was the prettiest wedding I’ve ever been to. I am not great at taking pictures so I don’t have a ton but the ones I have, I got from the maid of honor whose name is also Stephanie.

Thursday afternoon, for the start of the bachelorette party, we went pole dancing. I was extremely skeptical of this. I only felt uncomfortable when the instructor was trying to get us to be seductive. I’m that awkward person who can’t do that. But I will say that it is a lot harder than it looks. It’s also a great workout. I was pretty sore and bruised afterward. The bruises I think were mainly my fault because I had a hard time doing the spinning moves correctly. The picture below is not the most attractive looking picture so don’t judge too much. I wanted to somehow cover my face but I figured I could be brave and let you see the struggle. The instructor had everyone try this move of just hanging sideways on the bar. No one could do it on their own so she had to help hold everyone and eventually we had to let go with one hand and hang by the other hand and one leg. I have a nice bruise on the back of my leg from this one 🙂


After the class, we went out to dinner for the night at Brio. We didn’t last too long that night since we all had to be up early for a nail appointment.


Friday, we had our nails done and then had a rehearsal & rehearsal dinner. Her parents had everyone over to their house that night for drinks and s’mores so the people who came from out of town could visit.

Saturday morning came bright and early with appointments to get our hair done. We went to a new salon in Salt Lake City called Blo. They were super friendly and it was a cute little salon.

When everyone’s hair was done, we went to the Grand America Hotel and did our makeup and took pictures before going to the ceremony location.

We went up to Log Haven afterward for the ceremony and then came back down to the Grand for the dinner and reception. They had the best steak I’ve ever had! Unfortunately, this is where the pictures ended but I’m sure I’ll see more in a few days. It was definitely the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to.

Sunday was spent sleeping in and recovering but it was worth seeing how happy Alicia was to get married.